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How To Draw Leaves In 9 Steps

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When venturing into nature, there are several breathtaking things to view. A tree with vibrantly hued leaves is one of the most beautiful views in nature.

Because a tree is composed of hundreds of individual leaves, it might be challenging to grasp how to draw leaves owing to the complexity of these distinct pieces.

There is always something to enjoy each season, from the Summer sun’s brilliance to the Winter snow’s purity.

Fall is no exception since it is characterized by cool evenings, Halloween decorations, and the shifting of the leaves.

If you want to get into the Autumn mood, you’ve come to the correct place. However, if you know what to do and follow instructions, you may reproduce the beautiful appearance of a tree’s leaves!

This step-by-step guide on drawing tree leaves will teach you how to make your leafy artworks.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Leaves

Step 1:

Draw two lines as shown in the reference image to start your drawing of leaves.

Step 2:

You may have seen maple leaves several times before, but we will replicate their exquisite design.

Using the reference image as a guide, sketch a jagged line with smaller points at the top and larger points at the bottom. The side part that will expand outward may now be sketched.

As seen in the illustration, they will have a huge point before migrating inwards. The bottom left portion of the leaf will consist of three jagged edges that travel inwards towards the leaf’s base.

Step 3:

As stated in the preceding phase, we will now create a mirror replica of what you’ve just created. You have your designs to guide you, but the reference image will also be of great use.

Step 4:

You are now familiar with the procedure! In this stage of your leaf design, you may complete the final leaf area by mirroring it as you have. Now that you have the whole leaf, we may proceed to the subsequent phases.

Step 5:

Draw another leaf in the reference image to make it look realistic and beautiful.

Step 6:

Now, it’s time to add colors to your drawing. There are a variety of fall colors you may choose to color your drawing of autumn leaves.

There are vibrant yellows, warm reds, blazing oranges, and deep browns. You have so many alternatives available that you should truly let your imagination show!

If you’re feeling very creative, you might get some crunchy leaves, crumble them up, and then glue them onto your design for a natural effect!

You might also explore various creative materials, including acrylics, watercolors, and many more. What shades will you use to complete your drawing? Start filling the yellow color in the big leaf as shown in the reference image. Now you are ready for the next step!

Step 7:

Add two shades of yellow, light, and dark to the big leaf to make it look pretty.

Step 8:

Start filling colors in the small leaf we have drawn in the previous steps. Fill yellow and green colors in the small leaf, as shown in the reference image.

Step 9:

Lastly, add a shade of dark green to the small leaf to make it look realistic.


Now that you have finished your drawing and colored it with gorgeous hues, you have completed our leaves drawing tutorial!

We hope this instruction made this more difficult sketching topic simpler for you. Our goal was to break down the complicated pattern of maple leaves in a way that would make learning it easy and enjoyable!

Having completed this instruction, you may now have fun putting your twist on it. You could draw many leaves on one page to make it appear like they are falling from a tree, or you could draw multiple leaves in different colors.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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