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How To Draw Jeans? Step by Step Guide On Jeans Drawing

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How To Draw Jeans

Drawing is a part of sketching and sketching is a part of drawing. Both terms are interconnected with each other.

When we talk about drawing, we can’t forget about colors as it makes drawing more engaging and fasinating. Colors can be in any variety like sketch pens, painting colors, crayons, pencil colors, and so on.

For sketching you can use black or colorful pencil colors. In todays’ blog we are going to learn how to draw jeans in some simple steps. Begin by gathering a few items are as follow:-

A pencil

An eraser

A sharpener

Some sketch colors(your own choice)

Step 1:-

In this first step, draw a sqaure in the middle of the paper. Then draw a rectangle at the left side as well as the right side of the square. The size of the rectangle should be smaller than the size of the square.

Step 2:-

Now draw one long line starting from the end of the rectangle shape. This long line should be draw little bit towards inside. Again draw another long line at the right side below the right rectangle. Also make two small lines in the middle of both the rectangle.

Step 3:-

At this stage, draw a long thin traingle shape below the square shape but with distance of 3cm-4cm. Also keep in mind don’t join the traingle shape. Instead join the end of the triangle with the long line by drawing small line on both left and right side.

Step 4:-

After that make thin rectangle shape at the end of the left leg of the jeans. Also draw same size of rectangle at the bottom of the right leg. While drawing these rectangles keeo in mind to draw these rectangles little bit wider than the long lines. Similar as the above rectangle length.

Step 5:-

At this step, make two pockets one on the left side and other on the right side of the jeans. Also draw a zip below the square shape. The designing of jean is complete at this step.

Step 6:-

Now we are going to color the jeans take pink color to fill in the two rectangle shapes which is on the right and left side of the center square shape. Then use orange color to fill out the character ‘C’ in the square. After that use green sketch to color the square shape.

Step 7:-

At this step, take a blue color and start coloring the jeans by outline it first. Keep in mind to leave the bottom rectangles shapes of the jean.

Step 8:-

After coloring the whole jean now use sky blue and black color to draw some funky style in the jean. There should be three funky design on left leg and on right leg as well.


Isn’t drawing a really relaxable activity? Yes it is as you are using a pencil, a marker, and some colors to draw something and ended up with a beautiful piece of art. Even if you are beginner doesn’t mean you can’t drawing like an artists do. You need some patience, dedication nd persistence to learn the basics of drawing.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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