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How to Draw Harry Potter — A Step–by–Step Guide

Harry Potter is an iconic character that is loved by lots of people of every age group.  He is known to be the protagonist in the best-selling book series by J.K. Rowling.

Actually, when we hear of witchcraft and wizardry, Harry Potter is the first person that comes to mind.

The popularity of Harry Potter is what made this step-by-step guide highly requested. You requested it, so we are here to deliver.

So, we have organized this step-by-step guide on how to draw Harry Potter summarized in 10 easy and interesting steps.

Each step is supported with comprehensible illustrations that assist you as your visual guide as you follow the instructions.

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled artist in drawing, we’re sure you can follow these steps very effortlessly. What’s more, you can express your own style and improvise or personalize in every step.

Feel unrestricted to mix and match colors to customize your artwork and make it unique and interesting. Let your imagination flow and unleash your creativity.

Enjoy and use your unique artistic skills!

How to Draw Harry Potter – Let’s begin!

Step 1 — Begin by outlining the face

Starting in the center of your drawing sheet, make a wide irregular circle to draw the outline of Harry Potter’s face. Make sure that the length of the circle must be comparatively wider than its height. Then, draw two curved lines on both sides of the face to structure the ears.

Step 2 – Draw Harry Potter’s Scarf


For a scarf, draw two curved vertical lines that are nearly an inch apart right below the face. This will outline the sides of the scarf. Then, make a slightly upward curve with both of its ends adjacent to the vertical lines.

Now create the dangling end of the scarf to look more realistic. Beginning from the left side of the scarf, draw other two parallel slightly curved vertical lines with a straight horizontal line adjoining both ends.

You can add patterns to the scarf if you prefer.

Step 3 — Draw the coat

Now in this step of the guide, draw two parallel vertical lines with a straight horizontal line on both sides of the scarf, connecting both ends. When drawn accurately, it should be a relatively bigger version of the shape we have drawn for the dangling end of the scarf in the previous step.

Remember to do this step on both the left and right sides of the scarf. This will outline the front part of Harry Potter’s coat.

Step 4 — Work on the top

Now Below the scarf and between the space in the opening of the coat, draw two wide “V” shapes with one on top of the other. The line at the top should be somewhat thicker than the one at the bottom. This will shape the collar of the shirt.

Then draw two parallel horizontal lines underneath the “V” lines we have just drawn. Just like the “V” line, the line at the top should be thicker than the one at the bottom. This will outline the hem of the shirt.

Step 5 — Complete the outfit

Under the top, draw a pair of trousers by drawing a shape similar to the shape we have drawn for the coat in the third step. The pant legs must be a little apart from each other.

Then, right underside of each pant leg, make sideways oval shapes to outline the shoes.

Step 6 — Draw arms

In the 6th step of this guide, we will draw the long sleeves of the coat with a pair of hands slightly visible at the end of each sleeve, on both sides of the body. 

As shown in this illustration, one hand is unmoving on the side of the body while the other one is lifted up. You can follow this illustration or position the arms however you want to. Either way, we’re certain your Harry Potter drawing will look amazing!

Step 7 — Draw hair and wand


Now Draw the hair right on the top of the head. Then, draw pointed clumps of hair over the forehead. 

Now, let’s move forward to drawing the magical wand. From the fist of the lifted hand, draw a pointed stick to make the wand. It should seem like Harry Potter is holding the wand as his hands are lifted up.

Step 8 — Draw his iconic glasses


Under the eyebrows, draw two huge perfect circles. Then, attach the two circles together by drawing a line in between the lens. Make sure to draw the outline of the circle thicker to make the eyeglasses look more realistic.

Step 9 — Now, Draw the eyes

Within the glasses that we have drawn in the previous step of this guide, draw upright oval shapes inside each glass lens to form the eyes. Afterward, shade in the eyes while leaving out a tiny dot unshaded to make a “gleaming eyes” effect.

Step 10 — finish off the drawing by coloring in it

Finally, here we reached the most exciting part—filling in the colors using your favorite crayons for your awesome drawing! This is the stage where you can show off your artistic skills and your capacity to mix and match various colors. Harry Potter generally has jet-black hair.

He wears the traditional Hogwarts school uniform which is a black long coat, and gray top along with black trousers. The scarf he typically puts on is a combination of yellow and red, indicating his house Gryffindor. Feel free to color Harry Potter however you want to and use any colors of your choice!

Conclusion —

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step Harry Potter drawing guide. 

Check out our website Viralpainting for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity!

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