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How to Draw Green Plants? Step by Step Green Plants Drawing

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How to Draw Green Plants

We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to make plants summarized in 7 easy and easy steps. With this detailed guide, drawing plants is made easier.

Learn how to draw plants for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial with the help of pictures given with each step.

Each step is supported with understandable images that serve as your pictorial guide as you follow the instructions. All you need is a sketch and paper and you’re all set to begin making a plant!

Whether you are a learner or a professional in drawing, we’re sure you can follow these steps easily. What’s more, you can expand your style and add in every step.

Feel free to blend and match colours to customize your painting and make it unique. Let your intuition wander and declare your creativity. Have fun and use your artistic abilities.

Guide on how to draw 6 Green Plants

Read below the top 7 Simple Steps on how to draw Plants.

Step 1. Draw 6 horizontal lines 3 on each side.

Step 2. Draw 3 plants same as shown in the picture with a light pen.

Step 3. Draw 4th one according to image 

Step 4. Draw 5th and 6th according to the image 

Step 5. Now make them darker with the Dark black pen

Step 6. Colour one by one all in green colour till 4th one 

Step 7. Colour the remaining two with dark green colour.

The bottom line

We hope you appreciate this step-by-step guide on how to draw plants. With this guide, you can surely draw and colour plants along with their complex details and complicated details in no time.

And the most amazing part is, that you can customize its biological attributes and play with numerous colours as much as you prefer.

We are always updating our “How to Draw” catalogue, so make sure to keep checking back on our website to take advantage of newly uploaded tutorials.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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