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How To Draw Gold: Simple And Easy Tutorial

How To Draw Gold Simple And Easy Tutorial

You’ve probably heard the expression “worth its weight in gold” when discussing anything of value. It would not be easy to find a more accurate description of gold than this one.

Gold is one of the most expensive commodities globally, and it has been desired and battled over for generations.

It contributes significantly to the economy and retains significant value. Learning how to sketch gold may be the next best thing to holding a genuine gold bar.

This post will show you how to draw these bars without breaking into Fort Knox. Enjoy this magnificent step-by-step lesson on drawing gold in only 6 simple steps!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Gold

Step 1:

In this instruction on how to draw gold, we will eventually draw several bars stacked on top of one another, but for now, we will begin with a single bar.

It can make gold bars more difficult to depict. We will concentrate on the bar’s outline before adding details later.

You may use a pencil and a scale to make things easier to create a diagonal rectangle.

Then, using your pen, you may sketch the real form. As seen in the illustration, the actual corners will be fairly rounded.

Additionally, the bottom left corner will be notably rounded. Then, when you are satisfied with the outline, erase the pencil lines and proceed to step 2!

Step 2:

Earlier in this instruction on drawing gold, we indicated that we would be sketching a tiny pile of these gold bars.

We will shortly add additional elements to the first bar, but first, we will design another bar. It will be placed behind the first bar, resting on it.

Because this second bar is resting flat, its edges will seem different. As you did with the first bar, draw the edges of this second bar and add additional shading features to the edges.

This one will have more shade than the previous one since it is more veiled.

Step 3:

We may generate more realistic proportions by adding some basic lines to the interior of your gold drawing.

Using the reference image as a guide, draw relatively straight lines for the upper and side corners of the gold bar.

There will be a long top edge, followed by two sides. Once these lines are drawn, we’ll add several line details around them for shading and to provide texture.

Step 4:

You probably already know what hue will predominate when coloring this gold artwork! However, as seen in the illustration, you may adjust the colors by altering their tones.

We chose light gold coloring with softer accents to make it appear more reflective. Alternately, you may change things up by selecting other art media.

Adding paints with colored gold pens might make this artwork appear even more luxurious.

You could sprinkle and glue gold glitter onto the picture for a whimsical touch to make it sparkle! What colors and art media will you use for this golden drawing?

Step 5:

Be careful to add many shading details on this one! After this bar is drawn, we will add additional details to the first bar you designed.

We shall then indicate the weight by sketching 1000g at the bottom.

After drawing these last touches, you may add your own! What type of backdrop do you think would compliment these gold bars?

Step 6:

Add the same final details on the next gold bar, and your drawing is completed!

How to Draw Gold Step By Step Drawing Video


It concludes this tutorial on how to draw gold. As mentioned in the book, not many of us will ever handle a genuine gold bar, but it’s still interesting to create one since it allows you to imagine what it might feel like.

You may now demonstrate your ingenuity by sketching more details. You may demonstrate what type of scenario you expect this gold to be in by adding a background!

Then, if you desire additional sketching pleasure, you may visit our website. We have several tutorials covering many topics, and we often add new ones!

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