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How To Draw Dog Man? Step by Step Guide On Dog Man Drawing

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How To Draw Dog Man

Do you feel that drawing objects in a perfect way is only the game of professional artists? If yes, then the answer is no. You can sketch anything you want. You can learn things at any stage of your life.

Learning new things does’t require your age to be mentioned. If you have passion inside you, you can achieve anything in your life.

Some people learn different skills like speaking different languages, play music, learn art or painting after their 40’s or 50’s. Learning is a good thing to keep your life more intresting.

In today’s blog, we are going to learn to draw a unique cartoon character in a few simple steps. Things we need to considered are as follow:-

A pencil

A sharperner

Some colors(use your own choice)

Step 1:-

In this first step, draw a hat not considering a normal hat instead draw a hat which is used to draw a witch’s hat. Then make a uneven line at the bottom of the hat. Also draw four dufferent shapes leaves on the top of the hat.

Step 2:-

After that draw an ear of the dog man which is in ‘U’ shape towards the left side of the hat. On right side of the hat draw a curvy ‘C’ with a small filled black color nose to make the face of dog man.

Step 3:-

In this step, draw small neck of the dog man. Join the curvy ‘C’ line with a neck and draw another line from ear to neck to finish the face of dog man. Then draw a line along eith small line nearby the neck. Also draw an eye towards the hat of the character.

Step 4:-

At this stage, draw the body of the dog man which shows one arm with two legs and large feet along with a small tail. Then draw the two lines in the arm to show the hand. Then color some part which is in tail and its body.

Step 5:-

Now color the ear of the character using black sketch. Then draw a wavy large and small lines below the large line to draw the path under the dog man.

Step 6:-

At this step, our sketching is fiinished and we are going to color our character. Take a blue color and fill the hat of the dog man.

Step 7:-

To complete the coloring of the hat, use yellow color to fill out the leaves which is at the top of the hat. Then use a grey color to outline the dog man from inside. Also use the grey color to fill in the path.

Step 8:-

In this final stage, use a pink color near the mouth of the character. Then draw some clouds around the dog man using a blue color sketch. Also use green and red color to draw some spots around the path.


After finishing up the coloring our cute cartoon character is complete. Drawing things might be diffcult if you haven’t start do it by yourself. So begin sketching things today to learn and add a new skill in your abilities.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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