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How To Draw Cuphead? Step By Step Cuphead Drawing

How To Draw Cuphead

Sketching or drawing consists of various items like paint, pencil, sketch colour, pen, crayons, marker and much more.

In the market all kinds of these products comes starting from the beginners to the professional level. You can get the drawing items as per your requirements.

To begin the art of drawing you don’t need any skills. Once you practice you would gain the skills. Cuphead is one of the most popular classic run and gun action game among people.

Today in this blog we determined the steps to draw a cuphead animated cartoon character with the help of some steps.

Now, let’s begin to draw a cuphead using some drawing supplies:-

Use a pointed black marker

A paper

Red and black color(character colors)

Step 1:-

Firslt draw a small arch on the paper. Then draw one ‘U’ shape arch under the small arch.

Make a small circle joined with the ‘U’ shape. From the small circle draw another arch that touches the end of the first drew arch.

In the left ‘U’ shape eye make a oval shape with a small cut like a traingle towards the left side of the arch. Repeat the same oval shape in the right eye but it should be draw over the circle. Now filled the both oval shape with black color.

Step 2:-

In this step, join the left end of the arch with the right end of arch to make a face of the cuphead. Then to draw a mouth of a cuphead make a shape like a bean.

Step 3:

At this step, on the left side of the bean shape draw two lines. One start and end in the middle then begin the other line over the first one and end it. On right side of the cuphead mouth fill out some black color.

Step 4:-

Now complete the coloring of cuphead’s mouth but left the tongue area. After that draw a straw on the left side of the cuphead. Also draw in the handle of cuphead on the left side of it’s face.

Step 5:-

To finish the drawing of cuphead, draw left side and right side arms. Along with hands showing as a fist. Then draw three small lines on the hands.

Step 6:-

In this step, draw the left and right leg of the cuphead wearing a shorts as well. Then draw the shoes of the cuphead to complete the drawing of this cartoon character.

Step 7:-

Now our drawing is almost done here we start coloring of our animated cartoon. Take a red color sketch to color the nose and tongue of the cuphead. Then color the two alternate sections of the straw with a red sketch. Also use red sketch to color the shorts  and additionally the shoes of the cuphead.

Step 8:-

In this step, take a black color sketch and start coloring from the left arm of the cuphead towards the middle then comes to the right arm to ended up the coloring.

Step 9:-

In this last step, color the right arm of the cuphead. Just keep in mind leave some sections in straw, handle, face area, eyes, hands and legs of cuphead as it is or in white.

So our adorable cup head is finished with some simple instructions mentioned in the steps. Cartoon characters are the most favourite game activity of the kids. You can use these kinds of characters to make posters, banners and charts for the kids.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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