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How To Draw Cone? Step By Step Guide On Cone Drawing

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How To Draw Cone

Are you a good learner? If yes then today’s blog is only for you. In this blog we are going to share our simple and easy steps to draw variant items in a real artist way only with you.

Some people leave drawing an items because they don’t have idea where to begin and finish it up.

If you feel the same then don’t worry this with the help of this blog you get better idea to sketch things easily.

To draw a cone you need to gathered the following things:-

A marker

A pencil

A scale

Today we are going to draw a 3d cone using some pencil and scale tricks.

Step 1:-

First of all, we need a paper on which we are going to draw a small circle using a pencil or marker. Then use a measurement scale to draw a line on the left side of the circle.

Keep in mind draw the line from the middle of the circle from the outer side. The drawn line can be 8-9cm long and it should be in ‘V’ shape.

Step 2:-

Then draw another line from the right hand side of the circle. Join this line with another line to complete the shape of cone. Take a pencil and start shading from left side first using pencil.

Step 3:-

Now in this step, finish the shading of the cone by doing it from right hand side as well. The center area of the cone should be lighter in shading from left and right side of the cone.

Step 4:-

At this stage, use a scale and pencil to draw a straight horizontal lines. These line must be begin by leaving the 3-4 cm from the starting point of the cone line.

step by step cone drawing (2)

Step 5:-

In this step, continue the drawing of the lines by leaving the space of 2-3 cm between each line. Draw total six lines around the cone, the last line must be under the cone, doesn’t cut by anything.

Step 6:-

At this stage, use a thick red marker to draw the dots on the first line. Being the red dottes from the left side of the cone and continue it including the circle of the cone till the end of the line.

Step 7:-

Now at this last step, color the above area of the cone using black color to differentiate the above and under area. Then tilt the paper and to see the cone as a 3d cone. 


With learning these easy stages it becomes effortless to draw a 3d things on a paper. Drawing is a skilful art which converts a learner into professional artist.

Picturing things can be difficult in the starting, once you learn the basics you can draw anything you want.

Try these simple steps to draw different small things and can be used while drawing a big picture on a canvas. As you draw little things first you gets your hands better in drawing.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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