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How To Draw Bubbles: Easy And Simple Step-By-Step Guide

How To Draw Bubbles

Typically, a bubble is a globule of gas within a liquid. [1] Due to the Marangoni effect, bubbles that reach the surface of an immersed material may remain intact.

It is possible to induce nucleation, for instance, to form bubblegum in a solid. Contrast agents are tiny encapsulated bubbles used in medical ultrasound imaging to increase contrast.

As actuators in thermal inkjet printing, vapor bubbles are utilized. They are occasionally utilized as actuators in other microfluidics applications.

The ultrasonic cleaning method involves the abrupt collapse of bubbles (cavitation) near solid surfaces and the ensuing impinging jet.

Focused energy weapons, such as the bazooka and the torpedo, utilize the same effect but on a bigger scale.

As a weapon, pistol shrimp also employ a collapsing cavitation bubble. In lithotripters, a similar effect is utilized to treat kidney stones.

Marine animals such as dolphins and whales utilize bubbles for amusement and hunting. By pumping bubbles into a liquid, aerators promote gas dissolution. Here is the guide to drawing bubbles.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Bubbles

Step 1:

Firstly, take a tape, a white sheet, and a pencil. Start drawing circle shapes with the help of tape to make an outline of bubbles.

Step 2:

Draw other bubbles with the help of tape, as shown in the reference image.

Step 3:

Start filling colors in the bubbles. Take pink and sky blue crayon colors and fill in the bubble as shown in the image.

Step 4:

Now, take the yellow color and fill the bubbles accordingly.

Step 5:

Fill mixed colors in all bubbles on the side corners only to make it look realistic.

Step 6:

Fill pink, sky blue, and yellow color on the side corners of bubbles to make them look realistic.

Step 7:

Now, take a white marker and fill accordingly in all bubbles to make it look pretty and realistic.

Step 8:

After that, draw some dots on the whole drawing with a white marker.

Step By Step Bubble Drawing Video


We hope you had a great time through this step-by-step bubble drawing instruction!

This article was created to teach you how to draw an amazing bubble with minimal effort, despite the appearance of a bubble’s apparent simplicity.

Now that you’ve mastered this guide, you may continue the sketching party with your unique details, colors, and painting media.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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