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How To Draw Bricks In 8 Steps | ViralPainting

how to draw bricks

Bricks are a block used in masonry buildings to construct walls, pavements, and other features.

Properly, the term brick refers to a block of dried clay, but it is now frequently used to refer to various chemically cured building components. Bricks can be linked together using mortar, adhesives, or interlocking.

Bricks are made in various categories, types, materials, and sizes that vary by place and time and in vast quantities. This step-by-step tutorial for drawing bricks helps you draw bricks in less time.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Bricks

Step 1:

Start by drawing a straight line.

Step 2:

Then, draw another straight line perpendicular to the first line that we drew in the first step.

Step 3:

After that, draw a third straight line perpendicular to both lines we drew in the previous steps.

Step 4:

Draw small lines by giving equal space between the three lines.

Step 5:

Keep drawing small lines by giving equal spaces on all three perpendicular straight lines.

Step 6:

Complete your drawing of bricks in all lines in between perpendicular lines.

Step 7:

Now that we’ve successfully drawn bricks, it’s time for the most enjoyable step: coloring!

Although bricks are generally orange-red, brown shade, you can add multiple colors in your drawing according to your choice.

You can even combine many colors to create a multicolored camera; that would be fun! Have fun experimenting with hues! Remember that the sky is the limit for your creativity. Start filling brown colors in the bricks.

Step 8:

Fill brown color in all the bricks, and you have completed your drawing of bricks.

Step By Step Bricks Drawing Video

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing


It is the end of this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw bricks! By following this method, we believe that you discovered that it was much simpler than you may have anticipated designing some bricks that look wonderful. We also hope that it was an enjoyable experience for you.

Now that you’ve mastered this method, why do you make some bricks in the real world and have some artistic fun as you create even more variations for the bricks? We always add new guides, so be sure to check back frequently!

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