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How to Draw Baby Shark | Step By Step Baby Shark Drawing

How to Draw Baby Shark | Step By Step Baby Shark Drawing

Baby shark is very famous among people and kids. Kids love to get baby shark as their toy, and also likes to wear clothes where the baby shark is printed. ‘

Baby shark do do do do do……’ rhyme is one of the favorite rhymes of the kids. When you get steps to draw a baby shark in a perfect way, you can make your kids excited about it.

What are you waiting for? In this blog, you will find the easiest way to draw a baby shark, not one or even two.

So, let’s begin this exciting drawing with:-

  • The use of a pencil
  • A paper
  • Some sketch colors(your own choice)

Step 1:-

First, draw a long smooth arch like a semicircle. Begin from the end of the paper towards the top of the paper. Then from the top of the paper draw another arch but this arch should be bend while joining with the end of the first arch.

Step 2:-

Here, the body is complete of the shark. Now draw a tilted triangle downwards which is a left-wing on the left side of the shark. Also, make a tail of the shark at end of the shark’s body. For the htail make a broader triangle.

Step 3:-

In this step, draw a smooth fine line towards the first draw line which drew in the first step. Also, draw the right wing on the right side of the shark.

One more thing, in this step, make an eye of the shark with two-three circles and color the second circle black.

Step 4:-

Here, to draw the mouth of a shark, repeat the same shape which we use for the right-wing. But a little broader from the beginning of the shape.

After that draw some rough small triangles to make the teeth of the shark. On the shares, the body draw three same size small lines near the middle line.

Step 5:-

Now, we are going to color our baby shark blue and red color. You can choose a color of your own choice. Color the wings, tail, and the upper body of the shark with a blue sketch and use the red sketch for the mouth.

Step 6:-

In this step, we draw another baby shark.

For this draw, a large circle then draw a small arch, and above the arch make the eyes. Then to draw a nose of the shark make a smooth line-like shape of broader ‘U’ and two dotes in the middle.

Also, draw out a big smile to make a mouth under the nose.

Last but not least draw a zig-zag line for the teeth of the baby sharks.

At the end of the design, the wings draw in two triangles in the downward direction and one more sharp triangle at the head of the baby shark.

Step 7:-

At the last, color the baby shark using dark blue and light blue colors. Color all three wings, the area covering the eyes and nose with a dark blue sketch without covering the eyes.

The area of the mouth could be colored with light blue color by leaving the inner side of the mouth.

Use black color to make eyebrows above the eyes of the baby shark. In the middle of two dotes near the nose draw a ‘V’ shape using light blue color.

Also, apply some black color at the border of the baby shark only where the dark blue color is used.

Now, the drawing of two baby sharks is finished with a beautiful color combination. With the guidance of these steps you can simply draw a perfect baby shark wherever you want (paper, as a poster, or on a drawing board).

How to Draw Baby Shark Step By Step Video

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