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How To Draw An Apple: Simple And Easy Tutorial

Still, life is one of the most popular topics and artistic forms in art history. This artistic discipline mainly focuses on the arrangement of nonliving things.

Fruits and vegetables are the most popular subjects for this artwork, and apples are frequently a part of them.

You may believe that sketching an apple from memory is a simple assignment, but it’s considerably more difficult than it seems!

This step-by-step lesson on drawing an apple will make it easy for you to create this classic work of art!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw An Apple

Step 1:

The most challenging portions of this instruction on how to draw an apple are now complete; from this point forward, we will be adding the last touches and components.

We will add a stem to the top of your apple in this step. The stem in our example is rather thick, so you may either mimic this for your illustration or make it thinner if you want.

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the stem, you can proceed to step 4.

Step 2:

In this section of your apple design, you will create the apple’s outline. Using the two ovals you made in the previous step, draw the contour as it appears in the image used as a reference in this guide.

I would still suggest using a pencil for the final outline, but if you’re satisfied with how it looks, you may go over it with a pen.

After you’ve outlined with your pen, you may erase the pencil lines beneath; however, ensure that the pen ink is completely dry before erasing; otherwise, you may smear the ink!

Step 3:

It’s time to add further details to your apple design! This phase consists of drawing a leaf for your apple.

This will be placed on the right and left sides of the stem from the previous stage, and don’t worry if it seems a little sparse! We will add some specifics to it in the next phase.

Step 4:

Take a black marker and draw a smiling face and eyes on the apple’s body, as shown in the reference image.

Step 5:

Now that you have completed the finishing aspects of your apple painting, you may let your imagination run wild!

This final step is all about adding gorgeous colors to your drawing, and you have several alternatives.

We chose a lovely shade of orange and green for leaves for our example, but there are many additional options for completing your picture!

Perhaps this is a gorgeous green or yellow apple, or you could pick a favorite hue to create a more artistic image.

After picking the colors you wish to use, you may have fun selecting your preferred creative media to create your picture.

You might give this artwork a traditional appearance by using acrylic paints, or you could make it appear funkier by using luminous, brightly colored pens.

How do you anticipate concluding this instruction on how to draw an apple?

Step By Step Apple Drawing Video Tutorial


It concludes our instruction on how to draw an apple! We sincerely hope you enjoyed learning to sketch this timeless art theme.

Less-detailed things, such as apples, might appear much easier to draw than they are because they have a unique form that can be difficult to capture accurately.

Therefore, we have created this article to demonstrate a simple method for achieving a perfect form every time!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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