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How To Draw A Zebra | Step by Step Guide on Zebra Drawing

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The zebra has a characteristic black-and-white stripe coat and a sole hoof. As members of the Equidae family, zebras are related to horses and donkeys.

Since zebras are native to Africa, it is unlikely that we will get the opportunity to observe one up close. Why not instead learn how to draw a zebra? Fortunately, we have compiled a step-by-step guide on drawing a zebra, broken into nine straightforward phases.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Zebra

Step 1:

Draw a curving, irregular form under the zebra’s mane and ears. It resembles the face of a zebra. Don’t forget to accentuate the zebra’s muzzle by making it somewhat extended.

Step 2:

Drawing an angled line to construct the zebra’s mane. Add two little ovals with pointy ends to either side of the mane for the ears.

The mane and ears should be drawn on the upper left side of the page to provide enough room for the zebra’s head and torso.

To ensure this, you can draw intersecting horizontal and vertical lines across your paper to form reference lines.

Step 3:

Draw a curving line behind the zebra’s head to make the neck. After that, connect the zebra’s neck and head with an uneven sideways oval form.

This makes up the whole of the zebra’s torso. Avoid using excessive pressure with your pencil when sketching the zebra’s body.

Using light strokes while drawing is vital so that you may quickly erase unwanted parts of the outline afterward.

Step 4:

Draw two parallel vertical lines and a horizontal line beneath the zebra’s breast. This builds one of the zebra’s front legs.

Draw a similar shape next to the first front leg to finish the zebra’s front legs. Since the zebra is facing laterally, the rear of its front leg is obscured.

Don’t forget to remove any overlapping torso lines inside the legs! This will guarantee that your drawing is tidy and, above all, perfected.

Repeat the preceding action beneath the zebra’s lower back. This produces the zebra’s pair of rear legs. After finishing this stage, the zebra’s four legs should be fully constructed, as seen in the image above.

Step 5:

Now, draw the eyes of the zebra and give it a smiling face as shown in the image to make it look realistic.

Step 6:

To complete the mane, extend the lines of the zebra’s mane at the top of its head. Create a downward-curving line to outline the contour of the mane. Ensure that the tail of the mane is pointed, as indicated in the figure.


Step 7:

In this phase, we will sketch the zebra’s distinctive stripes throughout its entire body.

Draw many pointy shapes on the zebra’s upper torso edge. Take care to apply similar designs on the zebra’s legs as well.

Now, add the face characteristics to complete your drawing. On the muzzle, draw an upright oval shape for the eyes and a little circle for the nose.

Step 8:

Draw a striped pattern on the whole body of the zebra, as shown in the reference image. Draw a curving form with a pointy tip attached to the zebra’s lower back. This is the thick, hairy tail of the zebra.

Step 9:

Here’s the most fun part—picking the colors and coloring the zebra! This is the portion where you may demonstrate your artistic talents, notably your ability to mix and match diverse colors.

As we all know, the zebra’s coat is black and white. You can select to paint the zebra using its natural colors or a new combination of colors.

We recommend using the latter so you may tweak your drawing and make the most out of your experiences! Have great fun with colors, and watch as the zebra gradually comes to life!

Step 10:

Shade the striped pattern on the whole zebra body with a black marker to make it look realistic.

Step 11:

Also, shade the zebra’s tail with a black marker, as shown in the reference picture.



We hope you find this drawing instruction helpful. If you like sketching a zebra, you will undoubtedly enjoy drawing other animals such as a goat, sheep, and many others!

Check out our “How to Draw” library for more engaging drawing tutorials similar to this one. Don’t mind showing off your zebra drawing and coloring after you’re completed.

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