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How to Draw A Volcano In Simple 8 Steps – ViralPainting

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How to Draw A Volcano In Simple 8 Steps

A volcano is a fissure in the Earth’s crust through which lava, ash, and gases escape.

Volcanoes may be deadly up close, but they are breathtaking at a distance. Mounts Etna and Fuji are two of the most well-known volcanoes.

The tremendous beauty of volcanoes and the allure of this natural landscape have prompted a high demand for free drawing instruction on volcanoes.

So, we’ve compiled an 8-step, easy-to-follow lesson on how to design a volcano step by step. With this detailed guide, you can experience the majesty of a volcano up close.

Additionally, you may edit your volcano drawing to your liking! You can also choose the colors by hand to make a unique volcano! Enjoy yourself and utilize your artistic abilities!

Step By Step Guide On How to Draw A Volcano

Step 1:

Start by drawing slightly curved diagonal zig-zag lines to make the outline of the volcano.

Step 2:

Join these zig-zag lines with another curved diagonal zig-zag line.

Step 3:

Extend the crater’s lines by drawing many extended curve-bottomed line figures of varying lengths.

Correctly rendered, this should resemble a drip effect. It produces the lava flow emanating from the crater or vent of the volcano.

Repeat the preceding step until the drip effect covers the entirety of the crater’s base. It concludes the flow of lava from the volcano’s crater.

Step 4:

Now, draw some final details or dot-dot shapes around the volcano lava to make it look realistic.

Step 5:

Create a cloud of ash at the midpoint of a continuous scalloped line. Remember that the ash cloud should be emanating from the crater and rising towards the sky.

At this moment, the ash cloud emanating from the volcano’s crater should be completely developed.

Correctly rendered, it should resemble a cloud hovering in midair above the crater or vent of the volcano.

Draw many figures of varying sizes encircling the volcano’s crater. It provides the illusion of hot, molten lava splattering in all directions.

Step 6:

In conclusion, we have successfully sketched a volcano. The most interesting phase comes, which consists of picking colors and coloring the volcano!

The normal hue of a volcano is a combination of brown and green, which closely resembles the color of soil or land.

The color of its lava, on the other hand, varies according to its temperature, from orange to red.

You may choose to paint the volcano using its natural colors or select your own! We are confident that the colors will turn out nicely in any case!

Have fun experimenting with colors and observe as the volcano comes to life. Start filling yellow color in the volcano’s lava.

Step 7:  

Add orange-red and yellow colors as shown in the reference image. Also, outline grey color on ashes.

Step 8:

Complete your drawing by filling the brown color in the volcano’s crater.

Step By Step Volcano Drawing Video

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing


With this step-by-step guide on drawing a volcano, we hope you enjoyed your time spent drawing. If painting a volcano was enjoyable, you might also enjoy drawing a waterfall or the ocean.

Check out our “How to Draw” library for additional tips on drawing stunning natural sceneries!

Remember that you can use any of our drawing lessons as learning resources or references for your drawing efforts.

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