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How To Draw A TV: Simple And Easy Tutorial


Over the years, television has provided entertainment to billions of people across the globe.

There is a television program for every taste and desire, so it is not difficult to see why many individuals tune in daily.

Due to the variety of TV forms, sizes, and styles, it might be entertaining to learn how to draw a TV and create your unique variants!

By the conclusion of this guide, you will be able to make your vintage TV drawing. We hope you have a great time following this 6-step tutorial on drawing a TV!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A TV

Step 1:

In this instruction on how to design a television, we’ll be creating a rather vintage set! You will find it much simpler to sketch for this and the subsequent steps if you have a ruler on hand.

With this ruler in hand, you may begin to draw the rectangular contour of the television. Instead of being a regular rectangle, the edges will be rounded off somewhat.

Alternatively, you could make the edges sharp if that’s simpler, but rounded corners would give it more individuality! After you’ve created this outline, you’re ready for the next step!

Step 2:

Add short curved lines to the dials you sketched in the previous step to indicate where you would grip them to adjust them.

Then, you may utilize some straight lines beneath the television for its base. Perhaps, as a bonus, you could also draw a TV cabinet around it. Add additional straight lines protruding from the top of the television for the antenna.

Step 3:

You have completed the TV frame, but it would be useless without a screen to watch your favorite shows!

We will thus add the screen in this stage. We will again use your ruler to add a square to the frame.

It is an older television, and as a result, the screen only occupies around three-quarters of the screen, unlike most new televisions.

This square will be placed on the left side of the frame and will have rounded corners. After drawing the TV’s screen, you will be able to add further details.

Step 4:

Then, draw three heart shapes on the right side of the TV screen to make it look beautiful.

Step 5: Now that we’ve reached the final stage of our TV drawing, you may complete it with some beautiful colors.

We utilized more subdued hues for the television itself but more vibrant hues for the color bars. You may use a similar strategy, but feel free to use any colors!

Similarly, if you created a separate image on the screen, you may also color those elements. What hues, mediums, and materials will you use to complete this image? Start filling yellow color in TV as shown in the reference image.

Step 6:

Then fill green color in the TV antenna and fill mixed colors in heart shapes.

Step by Step TV Drawing Video

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing


You’ve finished all six steps of this tutorial to drawing a television! We hope you had a great time recreating this vintage television set with us and that these simple instructions made it entertaining and a breeze!

Now you may add your unique touches and aspects to this. We offered a few possibilities, such as creating something you would be viewing on the screen.

You might even alter some of the elements to create previously seen types of television sets. Be sure to be imaginative and have fun!

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