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How To Draw A Tooth: Easy And Simple Step-By-Step Guide

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Our teeth are essential, and we must take care of them. We use our teeth regularly for chewing and smiling, but there is more to them than meets the eye!

Their form is complicated, and their roots are buried in our gums. This design makes it rather difficult to learn how to accurately and proportionately draw teeth.

This tutorial is for you if you want to know how to do it! Our step-by-step lesson on drawing a tooth will provide you with an enjoyable and simple sketching task!

Step-By-Step Guide To Draw A Tooth

Step 1:

In the first step of this tutorial on how to draw a tooth, we will begin by drawing the tooth’s crown. Draw a smiling face to make your drawing beautiful.

This portion of the tooth can be drawn using curved lines that intersect at the top of the tooth. This will construct the tooth’s surface, after which we may go to the following phase in part 2 of this guide!

Step 2:

In this second step, we will add more surface detail to the tooth sketch. This step should be a breeze since you need to make two more Bezier curves connecting on top of the ones you drew in the previous stage.

Without roots, teeth would not stay in our mouths very well; therefore, we will sketch them in this section of our instruction on how to draw a tooth.

These roots are generally invisible since they are lodged in our gums and mouths, but they have a unique appearance. Several of these roots are present in teeth, and we will add the first two to this section.

These roots are, fortunately, rather simple to sketch! Extending the previously-drawn lines downward, we will add two additional strongly curved lines to produce the two roots.

For a more realistic appearance, they will have sharp yet rounded points at their ends. The tooth’s main outline is now complete, but further details will be added as we continue.

Step 3:

Now, draw hands to make it look beautiful, as shown in the image. Fill red color in the top section of the tooth.

Step 4: This is the portion of your teeth drawing where you may add brilliant colors.

You may believe that there isn’t much room for creativity when coloring a tooth, but they are! In our reference image, we employed different hues of pink for the tooth’s roots, followed by various light tones of grey and white for the tooth’s surface.

By utilizing varying tones of these colors, you may give the drawing’s textural detail a more dynamic appearance.

You may also use any other colors you choose to create a more stylized image or to color any other elements or embellishments you have included.

We cannot wait to see what colors, creative media, and methods you employ to complete this tooth drawing! Fill the orange color below the red color.

Step 5:

Then, fill the yellow color in the smiling face section. Also, start filling green color on the bottom section of the tooth.

Step 6:

Then add purple and pink shades, as you can see in the picture. Add skin color on hands.

Step By Step Tooth Drawing Video


You have completed this instruction on how to draw a tooth, and you did an excellent job! Something like a tooth may be surprisingly difficult to draw, but we hope our instruction made the process enjoyable and simple for you.

Don’t forget that you may improve upon this drawing by adding your details, components, color choices, and other touches.

There are several ways in which you might customize this design, so have fun and see what occurs!

When you are ready for more sketching fun, you should visit our website. We have several fantastic tutorials for you and will be publishing many more shortly.

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