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How To Draw A Table? Simple And Easy Tutorial

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how to draw table

The table is a piece of furniture with a flat surface and at least one leg. It provides a flat surface on which various objects can be placed.

Additionally, it can be used for eating, writing, learning, and playing games. Consequently, a table is an essential piece of furniture in our home.

We have produced an eight-part, easy-to-follow guide on how to draw a table step by step.

After learning how to design a table, you can incorporate it into even more intricate artwork. Perhaps you might depict a person eating dinner at a table while sitting in a chair next to it or a child playing video games at a table. The options are limitless! Have fun illustrating a 3D table with realism!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Table

Step 1:

To build the outline of the table’s base, draw a tilted parallelogram. Remember to use gentle strokes when outlining. Avoid applying excessive pressure with your pencil so you can quickly erase the outline when you no longer need it.

Step 2:

Underneath the outline, create a wide V-shaped line with small vertical lines on both sides. Remember that the line must parallel the bottom of the preceding step’s outline.

Step 3:

Draw the left side of the table as shown in the reference picture.

Step 4:

Draw the bottom section of the table to make it look realistic.

Step 5:

Draw a slender, elongated figure directly beneath the front right corner of the table.

Step 6:

Repeat the previous step to add a second leg to the table’s left-right corner. This comprises the table’s left front leg.

Step 7:

Create another table leg directly beneath the back left corner of the table. This completes the balance of the table’s four legs, forming the table’s left rear leg.

The figure shows that the left back leg is only partially visible because the tabletop conceals its upper portion.

Step 8:

After creating the table’s top dimensions, we would add the leg dimensions. Proceed by drawing a vertical line along the length of each front leg.

This produces the edges of the table’s legs. Ensure that this line is thinner than the line that forms the leg.


We hope you appreciate this detailed table drawing. If drawing a table was enjoyable, you may be interested in drawing a chair next. Thus, you can draw a table with an accompanying chair.

Remember that you can use drawing lessons as learning resources for your drawing efforts. We frequently create new content for our “How to Draw” section, so be sure to check back soon to enjoy brand-new drawing tutorials!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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