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How To Draw A Scorpion: Easy And Simple Guide

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A scorpion is a beast that you should avoid at all costs! These frightening and tenacious critters are arachnids like their spider relative.

Many people are afraid of these frightening animals, but others adore them and even keep them as pets!

There’s no disputing that scorpions are fascinating-looking insects, but their peculiar appearance might make it difficult to learn how to draw one.

Fortunately, this tutorial will make learning a lot simpler! Using this step-by-step instruction on drawing a scorpion in only 9 steps, you will quickly be able to create one of these incredible animals.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Scorpion

Step 1:

Firstly, draw the eyes and face, the eyes of the scorpion as shown in the reference image.

Step 2:

Now, draw the full face of the scorpion to make it look realistic. Also, draw the eyebrows of the scorpion.

Step 3:

Scorpions are particularly distinguished by their pincers and tail. In this portion of your scorpion artwork, we will begin with the first of them.

Similar to the body, the scorpion’s arm is likewise segmented. Using certain curved lines, the initial part of the arm may be extended.

It will curve outward where this section ends, and the next begins. The second part will be significantly smaller, as seen in the illustration.

Then, the renowned pincer must be added! Use curving lines with a sharp end for the bigger portion of the pincer’s upper portion. Then, the smaller portion may be added beneath it.

This arm is at a slightly different angle than the others; hence it has fewer segments. For the arm, you may utilize curving lines emanating from behind the head and then create a pincer similar to the one you made in the previous stage.

This step can be completed by adding lines to the body to create hairy details. The pincers are already dealt with, so let’s go on to that other distinctive trait we indicated in the following stage!

Step 4:

As members of the arachnid family, scorpions, like spiders, have eight legs.

This instruction on drawing a scorpion will conclude with the addition of these eight legs and finishing touches.

As seen in the image, each leg will consist of two parts. The first section should slope upward, whereas the second should slope downward.

Once you’ve drawn all the legs, you may add additional lines throughout the scorpion to give it a hairier appearance. Before proceeding to the last stage, add any personal touches to complete it!

One possibility would be to depict the landscape where this terrifying scorpion thrives.

Step 5:

Draw another two legs of a scorpion as shown in the reference image.

Step 6:

You will be going very close to the tail for this portion of your scorpion drawing! No depiction of a scorpion would be complete without these tails used to inject poison.

Like many other elements of this picture, the tail will consist of many segments.

This tail will consist of four circular segments, and they should be designed to curve over the back in an arch.

The tail’s business end will consist of a second segmented form that terminates in a sharp tip. The example image will show you how this should appear!

Step 7:

In this final phase of drawing a scorpion, you may bring it to life with vibrant colors. We picked a more mixed brown color scheme for our example image, but this is only one of several color schemes you might employ for your artwork.

As scorpions come in various color patterns, you may get rather creative with your preferred hues!

You also have several options for the various art media you might employ. If you like a more subdued appearance, you may use watercolors or colored pencils.

Use acrylic paints or colored inks to get a more vivid and bright appearance. What method will you choose to complete your scorpion drawing? Fill brown and yellow color mixed in scorpion tail and face.

Step 8:

Fill mixed shades of colors in the legs of the scorpion as shown in the reference image.

Step 9:

After that, fill the brown matte shade in the arms of the scorpion to make it look realistic.

Step by Step Scorpion Drawing Video


We hope you had a great time through this step-by-step scorpion drawing instruction!

Scorpions may be ferocious creatures, but maybe using these instructions to draw one was a breeze!

It is usually simpler to draw if you break it down into steps and take your time; therefore, we are confident that you will create an incredible artwork if you follow this instruction!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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