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How To Draw A Santa Claus? Step By Step Santa Claus Drawing

how to draw Santa Claus

The great thing about understanding how to draw Santa Claus is that little much every child already has an image in his mind of what he looks like.

They all know he has a long beard, a bright red suit, and boots. Older and modern versions may differ a bit, but those features are nearly always there.

This Santa tutorial comprises easy ways to draw all those details and keeps them simple and balanced. It’s the best way for new artists to make a complete body.

Making a Santa that is walking or holding things can appear later on after this one is accomplished.

Minor steps that help students feel extra confident in their abilities are always a decent way to get started.

Guide on How to Draw a Santa Claus

Read below the top 10 Simple Steps on how to draw a Santa Claus.

Step 1.  Draw the cap of Santa.

Step 2. Draw the eyes and mouth of the Santa.

Step 3. Draw the moustache and mouth.

Step 4. Draw the circle to form the body of the Santa.

Step 5. Draw the hands of the Santa 

Step  6. Draw a pot of Santa.

Step 7. Draw the belt of Santa by making two lines.

Step 8. Draw the leg of the Santa 

Step 9. Draw another leg of the Santa 

Step 10. Colour the Santa, colour the background with yellow colour, colour the cap red and body also with red colour.

The bottom line

We hope you admire this step-by-step guide on how to draw Santa Claus. With this guide, you can draw and colour Santa Claus with its features and detailed details in no time.

And the most relaxing part is, that you can add your designs also. 

We are always revising our “How to Draw” tutorial, so make sure to keep searching back on our website to take advantage of the newly uploaded guide on how to draw tutorials.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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