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How To Draw A Road? Step By Step Road Drawing

How To Draw A Road

Sketching and shading are incomplete without each other. Shading is a kind of different art from the coloring.

When you are beginner it can be diffcult to start shading but once you know how to hold a pencil for shading it’s good to give it a shot.

By utilizing a pencil various artists become famous among people by showing their skills of sketching. Basically it is an visual art that is really intresting and enjoyable.

Items to be considered to draw a road:-

Use a pencil instead of a marker or a pen

A paper

Step 1:-

In the very first step, to draw the path of a road make vertical five or six lines which are smaller than each other that goes line wise. You can also make a shape of cone or a traingle to draw the lines at some distance between them.

Step 2:-

In this step, we are going to make electricity polls. Make the five vertical lines more thicker to draw the electricity poll along with a small horizontal line at the top of each poll.

Step 3:-

To give the original look to the electricity polls draw out electricity wires that attached to each poll. Connect each wire of poll through drawing smooth lines from end of every vertical lines.

Step 4:-

After we have drew the electricity polls now we are going to draw a path in a traingle form. Draw a straight line at the end of the polls and draw out another straight line starting from the end of the last poll.

Step 5:-

In the next step, sketch some grass on the adjacent side of the path.

Also draw in the grass which is larger in size at the starting of the first poll and should be smaller as we go further towards the last poll. Again do the reverse of this step on the opposite side of the polls.

Step 6:-

Now, to give scenery look to the skecthing draw a line which cover the whole paper. That line must touches the end of the path as well as behind the polls.

Above the straight line draw out small mountains that makes the scenery more beautiful.

Step 7:-

At this time, shade in the mountains with a pencil. Also shade the path start from the right side. Compelete the shading of path at this next to add additional areas in the scene.

Step 8:-

At the second last step, divide the area into some sections which is on the outer side of the path. That looks like a field on the roadside way.

Step 9:-

To finish up the sketching of your scenery draw in some birds flying the sky. Once this step is complete the beauty of your sketching and shading is set to see in the scenery.


We ended up with a great artistry sketching that covers lots of things of the nature as well as the man-made things.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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