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How to Draw A Pokemon Pikachu? – A Step-by-Step Guide 

Remember the cute, yellow, mouse-like creature accompanying Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the popular anime television series ‘Pokemon’! Yes, the ‘Pikachu’.

It must be fascinating as a child to see Pikachu being trained to attack the rival pokemon primarily by projecting electric lightning from its body toward the targets. 

The description must have made you nostalgic. So, today we are going to learn how to draw this cute pokemon in just 10 simple steps. But before we start, do you know where Pikachu got its name? The name was derived from two Japanese words ‘pika pika’ which means a sparkling sound and ‘church’ which refers to a sound a mouse makes. 

How to Draw A Pokemon Pikachu – Let’s Start!

Step 1 — Let’s begin with drawing the edges of its face

In this first step of our guide on how to draw a pokemon, we’ll simply begin with drawing two curved lines opposite to each other in the center of the page. For this step, we will use a light pencil to draw it, so that it can be erased later on. 

You can take the reference of the picture shown above for a better start!

Step 2 — Add extended closed curves to form the ears of Pikachu

After drawing the two curved lines opposite to each other in the previous step, we need to draw two pointed ears by extending leaf-like structures from the top of those curved lines.

Once the ears are formed, they can be joined with a curved horizontal line. 

Step 3 — Next, add the hands of the pokemon in a downward direction

Now we will again draw two bulged-out curved lines in a downward direction and then turn them inwards but don’t close it completely. Go through the reference image once and let it remain half-opened. 

Step 4 — Give your pokemon the entire lower portion of the body

Now, we need to draw an irregular inverted heart-shaped structure starting somewhere between the outer edge of the hands of Pikachu from both sides.

You can take the reference of the image shown above to form the entire body of the pokemon. 

Step 5 — Next, draw the feet of the pokemon

It’s a short step as we need to just add two flap-like structures to form the feet of the Pikachu. 

Make two small elongated ellipses with zig-zig lines to form toes.

Step 6 — Now, add the lightning tail

The next step is to add the significant tail of our pokemon. For this we need to start drawing two zig-zig lines opposite to each other. Start drawing from the left edge of the lower body and then increase the width of the tail towards the pointed joint corner. 

Don’t get confused and refer to the image as shown above.  

Step 7 — Draw the circular pouches on the cheeks

The next step is to add the cutest element of the Pikachu. It’s blushing cheeks. For this, we need to just draw two oval-shaped structures inside the lower side of the parallel edges of the face to form the highlighted cheeks. 

Step 8 — Draw sparkling eyes!

Now we will add the eyes to our character. For this, you just need to draw two small pea-sized circles. Inside these circles, we have to draw two smaller circles attached to the upper edge of the outer circle. 

Next, we will darken the inside area of the outer circle leaving the inner circles as usual. This will give a sparkling effect to the eyes. 

Step 9 — Draw in some details like the mouth and the nose

Face done, red cheeks done, eyes also done. Now we are just left with giving our pokemon a nose and a mouth.

For this, we will draw a very tiny inverted triangle in the center of the face below the eyes to form the nose. 

Next, we add a wave-like structure just below the nose in the horizontal direction to form the smiling lips of our Pikachu. 

Step 10 — Now finish off your drawing by filling in the colors

Time to add colors and make our drawing look more realistic! 

The last step of the guide will make your drawing more attractive and realistic. You need to just fill the entire body with a bright yellow color, the circles on the cheeks with red color and add some details to the ears of the Pikachu by giving some black color strokes towards the pointed ends. 

And Ash’s Pikachu is right in front of you! Nostalgic, right?  

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