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How To Draw A Plant In 7 Steps

Having and caring for a plant is a very calming activity that provides a nice touch of nature to your home.

You have a plethora of alternatives available to you when selecting the ideal plant for you. Some are vibrant and vivid, while others are more modest, but each has its advantages.

In this tutorial on drawing a cartoon plant, we will design a beautiful plant! Not only will we be painting a beautiful plant, but it will also have a humorous twist that should make this a stunning illustration!

So let’s get started with this 7-step lesson on drawing a plant in a fun and simple manner. Each step of the instructions is supported with intelligible images that act as a visual aid. You only require a pen and paper to begin sketching a plant.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, we are confident that you can easily follow these instructions. In addition, you may add your flair and improvise at each stage.

Feel free to combine colors to personalize and distinguish your artwork. Allow your mind to roam and express your creativity. Enjoy yourself and utilize your artistic abilities!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Plant

Step 1:

Draw the flower pot’s rim on the lowest section of your paper. To guarantee that the flower pot is placed in the exact location, make reference lines by drawing a horizontal and vertical line across the page.

Step 2:

Complete the flower container by connecting two diagonal lines with a horizontal line at the bottom. It describes the container or body of the flower pot.

Step 3:

Draw two straight lines on the bottom section of the flower pot and draw three heart shapes just below these lines. After that, draw zig-zag lines as shown in the image.

Also, draw the stem leaves of the flower pot with a black marker and add the final details as shown in the reference image.

Step 4:

Draw more plants by drawing oval shapes, as shown in the reference picture.

Step 5:

Draw curve lines in all plants to make them look realistic.

Step 6:

Draw different cute shapes in all plants to make them look cute and pretty. Add final details as shown in the reference image.

Step 7:

Finally, adding color is the most fun element of creating great artwork. It is the section where you may demonstrate your artistic skills and color mixing abilities.

Colors of plants range from pink and yellow to orange and red, with green being the most prevalent. Its hue is mostly determined by the season and the plant’s general health.

Feel free to color your plant drawing as you see fit and then observe as it comes to life. Also, why not experiment with other coloring materials, such as watercolor and brush pens? Fill mixed yellow, pink, blue, and red colors in the drawing as shown in the reference image.

Step By Step Plants Drawing Video


We hope you like this step-by-step plant drawing lesson. With the help of this instruction, you may quickly design and color a plant with all of its intricate characteristics and nuances.

And the best thing is that you may alter its physical characteristics and experiment with different hues to your heart’s content!

Our “How to Draw” collection is always updated, so please revisit our website frequently to take advantage of freshly posted instructions.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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