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How To Draw A Pillow? Step By Step Guide On Pillow Darwing

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How To Draw A Pillow

Drawing is always a part of colouring,sketching and designing. Learning new things in drawing helps you to grow your skills as a professional. When you get bored at home drawing new things with some simple steps keeps you busy and energetic throughout the day.

Many people go to classes and pay lots of money to learn basics of art. Due to social media it becomes easier to gain knowledge about primary steps of drawing without leaving your home.

Today we are going to learn a new item to draw in this blog with few steps in a perfect manner.

To draw a pillow you need to gathered the following things:-

A marker

Some crayons

Step 1:-

In the very first step, draw three curve lines, first draw the upper line then draw two more lines on left and right side as well as the below side of the upper line.

Step 2:-

In this step, draw a small smooth cone to join the two curved on the left hand side of the pillow. Then again repeat the same directions to join the curved lines on the right side.

Step 3:-

Now join the other ends of the curved lines by drawing the small smooth cones. In this way we give the shape to our pillow.

Then draw a wavy line starting from the top side and left hand side on the outer side of the pillow. Draw the wavy line till the end downward side of the right side of the pillow.

Step 4:-

Here, we are going to complete the wavy line continue from the right side towards the top side of the pillow. To give more realistic view to the pillow, draw some small unusual lines between the curved and wavy line.

Step 5:-

At this step, draw a big curve line starting from the left side of the pillow towards the right side touches the small curves line. Then doubled the big curved line by drawing a ‘V’ shape in the middle of the doubled curve line. The doubled line must be touched the middle of the curve line.

After that, draw a two small square with wider lines. One is upper side and the other should be downwards touches the large curved line.

Step 6:-

This is the second last step in which draw two eyes of the pillow’s face. Then make a cute small nose with a half ‘W’ shape below the nose. After that make a two tilted dotes below the eyes on both left and right side of the pillow’s face.

Step 7:-

In this last step, we are going to color our cute pillow with different colors. Firstly color the outer area of pillow using draw and light green sketch. Then use grey color to fill the pillow’s face.

After that color the eyes of pillow with black sketch. Now use pink color to fill out the nose and left side area below the curved line as well as the right side curved line in the pillow’s face.

Color the tie and left curved line of the pillow using light purple color.

At last color the right side area below the curved line using blue color. Draw a small curve line at the bottom side corners of the pillow then color the area with grey sketch.

After finishing up the coloring of pillow, our sweet pillow design is complete. Now with these easy steps you can try lots of things to draw by sitting at home.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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