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How To Draw A Lizard In Easy 9 Steps

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How To Draw A Lizard In Easy 9 Steps

The lizard is a reptile characterized by its long body and tail, four legs with five toes apiece, and scaly, rough skin.

There are nearly 6,000 different species of lizards found on every continent except Antarctica. So, the lizard you frequently observe scurrying over the walls of your home is only one among several varieties.

Due to their distinct physical traits and behaviors, lizards have been a fixture in numerous animated films for decades. Pascal from Tangled, Ruff from Blinky Bill, and Rango are among the most well-known lizard characters.

They are also a fantastic subject for sketching, resulting in a significant demand for free lizard drawing instruction. To accommodate the desires of our users, we have compiled a nine-step drawing guide on how to draw a lizard.

You may follow these techniques regardless of whether you wish to draw a realistic or animated lizard. So, prepare a sheet of paper and select your preferred sketching implements, and let’s begin drawing! Have fun!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Lizard

Step 1:

The secret to painting animals is to begin with, the head and work your way down to the legs. Consequently, it is precisely what we shall accomplish in this stage.

Draw the contour of the lizard’s head in the desired position. If you want it to face left, draw the outline on the left side of the paper, as shown in the figure.

Step 2:

Begin by sketching a curving line on both sides of the face to depict the lizard’s bulging eye socket, one of its most distinctive morphological characteristics.

Step 3:

Under the eye socket, draw a circle with a smaller circle within to represent the eye. Then, color the whole eye except for the innermost circle. This provides the dramatic impression of “sparkling eyes.”

Step 4:

Draw a curving line beneath the lizard’s mouth’s roof. This provides the appearance of a tongue, making the lizard’s mouth wide open.

Step 5:

Outline the lizard’s body by drawing an extended oval linked to its head. While doing it, don’t be afraid to draw different shapes and patterns on the lizard’s skin if you’re feeling creative! Did you know that certain lizards have different skin patterns?

Avoid applying excessive pressure to your pencil when sketching an outline. It is essential to sketch with light strokes so that you may quickly delete unwanted lines from the outline afterward.

Step 6:

To construct the lizard’s tail, create an elongated, slender form with a pointed tip protruding from the lizard’s lower back.

As illustrated in the figure, the tail should be thicker at the base and gradually thinner as it approaches the tip.

Step 7:

Create the right hind leg of the lizard by sketching an angled line with four toes at the bottom. Draw the leg at a 45-degree angle to give the impression that the lizard is crawling.

Typically, lizards have five toes on each leg. However, only four of its toes are visible in this instance. Remember that each toe of the leg should have rounded tips, as seen in the image above.

Now, on the other side, draw the rear limb by drawing a curving line with three visible toes.

As seen in the figure, the right hind leg of the lizard will not be fully visible due to its sideways orientation.

Draw an additional leg in front of the lizard’s body. Similar to the hind leg we created in the previous stage, the angle of this limb must be 45 degrees. This time, however, the angle of the leg should face the right side, as seen in the image above.

Step 8:

Draw a curving triangle over the gap between the lizard’s head and body on the opposite side.

It is unnecessary to sketch the lizard’s fingers and toes at this stage since they are concealed by the lizard’s body and hence not visible. At this stage, the lizard should have four full legs.

Step 9:

Add a small circle pattern with a pencil on the lizard’s body to make it look realistic.


Is it not entertaining to learn how to draw a lizard? The usage and enjoyment of all of our projects, printable sheets, and lessons are entirely free.

Remember that we are always expanding our collection of “How to Draw” tips, so be sure to come back frequently for more lessons similar to this one.

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