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How To Draw A Knife ? 10+Knife Drawing Ideas in 2023

Knives are one of the most substantial and multifaceted pieces of cutlery that we use often every day. Knives can be found and come in all manner of different sizes and shapes.

They can be utilized for all kinds of different purposes, from opening boxes to chopping food ingredients or even for carving woodwork statues.

With numerous different kinds of knives you can buy or get, it can be an enjoyment to learn how to draw a knife so that you can design or structure your own variations.

By the end of this step-by-step guide, you will get to know everything you need for creating your own cool knives!

We wish and hope that you will have a great time going through this step-by-step guide on how to draw a knife in just 10 easy and interesting steps!

How to Draw A Knife – Let’s Start!

Step 1 — Let’s start by drawing the handle of the knife

In the first step of this guide on how to draw a knife, we will be starting our drawing with what is practically the most important part of the knife as you cannot hold the knife without the handle, so practically, after the blade of course, it’s the handle which is equally significant.

The knife will be made to appear as if it is built of tied leather, and we will implicate that look by drawing lots of bumpy lines connecting to each other.

So, to create the handle, first, we will make a sort of hilt for the knife by drawing a slightly longer shape before the handle properly starts. Then you can begin drawing those thin bumpy lines that we mentioned earlier. 

Step 2 — Draw some more of the handle

Now that you have begun the handle of your knife drawing, we can now draw the additional section of it in this part of the guide.

In order to do this, simply keep going by using the same bumpy lines that you have drawn for the start of the handle and continue drawing the lines down to the middle of the handle.

By that section of the handle, you’ll be ready to proceed further to add the final elements and more details to it in the next step, so let’s go on!

Step 3 — Add more bumpy lines to the handle

As we are going step-by-step with the Knife drawing, we will go slowly so that you can easily draw the knife without any hardship.

In this step, draw some more bumpy lines over the lines we drew in the previous step.

Step 4 — Add more details to the handle portion

Continue adding bumpy lines over the lines drew earlier and remember to make it in a zig-zag structure so that it would look like a tied leather.

Refer to the illustration to understand this step more clearly.

Step 5 — Finish off the final details of your handle drawing

We will be completing the drawing of the handle in this step of our guide on how to draw a knife, and then you can proceed further for the blade portion.

You can continue those bumpy lines that you’ve been using for the leather-covered handle, and they will result in a flat edge for the handle. With the completed handle drawing, you are ready to move on!

You could also alter or add some details of your own to put your own spin on this drawing.

Step 6 — Now, draw the blade

To create the blade we will be drawing a line that curves in on itself to form the structure that you see in the reference image.

There you need to create a sharp point also at the end of it.

Step 7 — Draw the other part of the blade

Repeat the previous step but on the opposite side to the curved line we have drawn in the previous step. 

This will form the blade shape as shown in the reference image.

Step 8 — Draw some more details for the blade

We will be adding some details to the bottom of the blade. First, start by filling in the blank space between the blade and the handle.

You can draw this with a curved line on the bottom of the blade.

Add a very slightly curved line going down the side of the blade, add some more linework to the bottom part of the blade that connects to the handle. 

Step 9 — Add more linework to the side of the blade

Draw a curved line on the side of the blade that leads to a straight line where the blade will end. Draw a line overlapping the line we just drew. 

Step 10 — Complete your knife drawing with some color

Now you can do some coloring for fun to finish it off properly!

In our reference image, we opted for some grey shades for the blade along with brown for the handle.

These can give you some ideas and suggestions for your own image, but feel free to use any colors that you want for it!

10+Knife Drawing Ideas in 2023

1. simple knife


2. Chef’s knife



3. Ballistic knife

4. kitchen axe knife


5. Unique knife drawing

6. Utility knife

7. Useful knife

8. Salmon knife

9. Bold knife

10. Easy knife drawing

Conclusion —

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step knife drawing guide. 

Check out our website Viralpainting for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity!

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