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How To Draw a Kitten? 10+Kitten Drawing Ideas in 2023

 With the cute characteristics of kittens as their fluffy body and irresistibly cute face, it’s no amazement that many kids of all age groups are obsessed with these young cats.

You will see kittens in many animated movies or series as they have also long been a staple in several animated movies and series and among the most iconic characters you can see of kittens are Hello Kitty, Tom Cat, and Puss in Boots.

The adorable cute features of kittens are what make them intriguing subjects to draw.

Fortunately, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to draw a kitten summed up in 10 easy and simple steps. You can take reference from these steps whether you prefer to draw a realistic-looking kitten or an animated one. Every step is accompanied by comprehensible illustrations in the form of images that will serve as your visual guide as you follow the instructions.

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled expert in drawing, we’re certain that you can follow these steps without putting much effort. What’s even more, you can use your own style and improvise in every step as you follow the guide.

Feel free to blend and match colors to personalize or customize your artwork and make it unusual. Let your imagination flow and unleash your creative skill. Have fun and employ your artistic skills!

How to Draw a Kitten – Let’s start!

Step 1 — Let’s begin with the kitten’s Face Outline

We will start our kitten drawing by drawing its face outline first. Beginning on the upper part of your sheet, draw a sideways oval shape to make the outline of the Kitten’s face. To make sure that the kitten will be drawn in the middle of your drawing sheet, draw reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your blank drawing paper.

You have to draw the oval shape exactly where the vertical line is intersecting the horizontal line. 

Step 2 — Next, Draw kitten’s ears

Beginning on the upper right portion of your sheet, draw two triangular kitten ears joined together by the outline of the upper head that goes as a curved downward line. This will outline the kitten’s pair of ears as well as the top of its head.

Inside the ear that we have drawn in this step, draw triangular shapes following the outline.

This will outline the inner part of the ears so that the kitten’s physical features appear more dimensional and realistic.

Step 3 — Draw the Bottom Portion of the Kitten’s Body

Draw downward curved lines on both left and right side of the head extending from its bottom outline to create the outline of the kitten’s entire body and bottom part. The body should be structured downwards, while the bottom should be curved like a half oval shape.

Step 4 — Draw the Kitten’s Front Legs

Right below the kitten’s body, draw two front legs side-by-side. As shown in the reference image, you can draw the front legs by simply drawing curved lines in ‘U’ shape on the bottom part of the body. It’s very easy to draw as you only need to draw the U shape.

Step 5 — Add some whiskers to kitten’s face

This part of your Kitten drawing will be a very simple one! All you will be drawing in this step is adding some whiskers to the kitten’s face. These are made very easily, and you can finish this step by drawing three simple lines to each cheek of its face. It’s as easy as that, and you’re ready to put in some final details in the further steps!

Step 6 — Now, draw the kitten’s tail

On the lower bottom side of the kitten’s body, draw a long, curved tail. As you can see in the image, the tail is as simple as drawing a curved jalebi.

However, you can draw the tail any way you prefer. You can draw it as furry as you want it to be by making large chunks of fur poking out all over the tail.

Step 7 — Draw the Kitten’s Nose and eyes

On the bottom area of the face, draw an oval shape in the middle to create the kitten’s nose.

Then, draw two curved lines right below the nose to outline the mouth. The kitten’s mouth should seem like a curved letter “w”.

For eyes, draw two upright oval shapes right above the nose slightly apart from each other.

And within the eyes, add another two tiny oval shapes. Shade the eyes except the tiny dots inside the eyes to make an adorable “glimmering eyes” effect.

Step 8 — Add details to the tail

As we told you earlier, you can draw and add details to the tail in any way you like. Here we have added lines to the tail to create a better look. 

Step 9 — Now draw the Kitten’s collar belt with a bell

Now, in this step, we will draw a collar belt along with the bell in the middle.  For the collar belt, draw round curved lines across the neck of the cat and shade it in. Then add a bell by drawing a small circle leaving a tiny space on the bottom to make another inner circle. Then intersect it horizontally by making two slightly curved lines. And it’s done! 

Step 10 — Finish off your drawing by filling colors in it

You can get creative as you color in and pull a cool new look for your kitten. In the reference image, we used mustard and light pink for her color scheme, as this shade is quite unique and cute for the final look. 

You could also choose this classic color scheme or you could also use any of your favorite colors!

10+Kitten Drawing Ideas in 2023

1.Cute kitten drawing

2. Happy Kitten drawing

3. Sad Kitten drawing

4. Stylish kitten drawing

5. Lazy kitten drawing

6. Cute kitten face drawing

7. Angry kitten drawing

8. Happy and Easy kitten Drawing

9. Cry kitten drawing

10. Beautiful kitten drawing

Conclusion —

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step kitten drawing guide. 

Check out our website Viralpainting for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity!

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