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How To Draw A Key: Simple 9 Steps Guide

how to draw key

A key can unlock several secrets! If you discover a key on the street, it may unlock an unlimited number of things.

Because of this, a key has become a worldwide emblem of secrets and access. Despite the widespread usage of keys, it may not be easy to learn how to draw one.

Fortunately, the guide you’re about to read will simplify things! Our step-by-step instruction on drawing a key in 9 simple steps will reveal the secret to making this illustration!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Key

Step 1:

Firstly, draw a heart shape on the white paper with a black marker.

Step 2:

Then, draw another big heart shape around the small heart.

Step 3:

After that, draw small circles in the middle of these two hearts to add some final details.

Step 4:

After that, draw a round the zig-zag pattern around the heart shape outline.

Step 5:

Draw a round zig-zag pattern inside the small heart’s outline that we drew in step 1st.

Step 6:

The next step is to draw two straight lines from the ends of the heart shape, as shown in the figure.

Step 7:

Close or connect these straight lines with a round shape and draw some final details as shown in the image.

Step 8:

Now, make some final touches to the drawing. You may design a backdrop to complete your image fully, and there are several inventive methods to do it.

Perhaps you could illustrate what this key will open and have the key about to enter the keyhole! What fascinating things can you imagine the key unlocking?

You may also add little features, such as small scratches or rust, to make this key appear heavily worn.

Another option is to sketch a keychain onto the key, which is a terrific opportunity to add your personality to the design. We cannot wait to see how you choose to complete this image!


Step 9:

This is the last step of your key drawing! It is a wonderful phase since you may complete the drawing with great colors.

In our example image, we used dark and light blue and grey colors to produce a golden key.

Nevertheless, this is only one of the many possible approaches! You may incorporate any of your preferred colors into this artwork, as keys come in various hues and patterns.

If you sketched a backdrop or other features like a keychain, you might apply color to these items.

Once you have determined the colors, you may have fun selecting the art tools and media to complete the piece.

You may use acrylic paints or colored pens and markers to create hues that stand out on the paper, similar to those in our illustration.

You may also get a similar subdued appearance by using watercolor paints or colored pencils. It’s all up to you; you should go anywhere your imagination leads you!

Step By Step Key Drawing Video

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing


We hope you enjoyed working on this tutorial on creating a key with us! Drawing something like a key may be quite tough, but it can be simpler by dividing it into smaller, more manageable steps.

It may make things easier, but it may also make them a lot more enjoyable! Now that you have perfected this drawing add your personal touches!

Be sure to visit our website when you’re ready for your next drawing challenge! There are several incredible manuals for you to enjoy, and we add new ones frequently.

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