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How To Draw A Hoodie: Simple And Easy Tutorial

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When tackling a new subject in drawing, several obstacles arise. The things we see most frequently in life can be the most challenging to draw.

Clothing is one of those things that we are quite familiar with, but it cannot be easy to draw accurately. If you’ve ever attempted to sketch a hoodie, you may have discovered that it is more difficult than it appears!

With this step-by-step lesson on designing a hoodie in just 9 stages, you will discover that it is not difficult!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Hoodie

Step 1:

 Let’s start this tutorial on designing a hoodie with the garment component that gives it its name: the hood!

This will be a rather straightforward phase, and we will design the hood by drawing a strongly curved line that resembles the one in our reference image. At this point, we may go to the next phase!

Step 2:

Now, add the collars and shoulders of the hoodie as shown in the reference image.

Step 3:

You may now go to sketching the body of your hoodie! This is another stage that shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve reached this point!

Using the illustration as a guide, the line for the hoodie’s body will begin under the arm.

It will almost meet the top of the arm line, but there should be a small gap. The hoodie’s body will be rectangular, beginning and ending under the arms. While the form will be somewhat rectangular, the hoodie’s corners should have a slight curvature.

Step 4:

Having completed the hood, you can begin designing your hoodie’s arms. Simply draw a line above where the left edge of the hood stops for the left arm.

This arm’s line will bend significantly before resuming its ascent towards the hood. Once that arm is complete, you may continue to the right arm.

Step 5:

\Simply draw a line from above where the left edge of the hood stops for the right arm. This arm’s line will bend significantly before resuming its ascent towards the hood.

Step 6:

In this section of our lesson on how to design a hoodie, we will add additional details.

Firstly, a hoodie would be quite useless if it did not contain a hole for the head! We don’t want your sweatshirt to be useless. Therefore let’s add a hole to your sketch.

The hole in the hoodie will be rounded at the top and taper to a narrow point at the bottom.

Now that you have this essential hoodie component, we will add cuffs to the hoodie. Simply draw some thin shapes on the ends of the sleeves of your hoodie to accomplish this.

Once complete, you can draw a similar form to the bottom of the hoodie’s body. Once it resembles the image, you may proceed with the finishing touches!

Step 7:

Now, draw the hoodie’s big pocket as shown in the reference image to make it look realistic.

Step 8:

You have nearly completed this instruction on designing a sweatshirt! The hoodie has been sketched, and the last elements have been added.

We hope sketching your hoodie was enjoyable since the fun is just beginning! You should let your imagination go wild and demonstrate your originality for this phase!

We colored our image with a lovely light blue, which is one possible approach! However, you shouldn’t let this constrain you and use any colors you choose!

Adding a colorful design on the front of the hoodie would be another enjoyable method to customize your hoodie painting.

It may be the logo of your favorite musician, a still from your favorite film, or the face of your cherished pet!

In your opinion, what design and colors would you add to this sweatshirt? To create beautiful color details, you may also enjoy experimenting with media such as paints, watercolors, and colored pens. Fill blue color in the hoodie above part.

Step 9:

Fill another shade of blue in the remaining parts of the hoodie.


You’ve completed this instruction on sketching a hoodie now that you’ve included your colors and final designs.

We designed this guide to simplify this drawing for you by breaking it down into simple parts, so we hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

We are happy that if you follow the steps and take your time, you will soon be able to design an amazing hoodie.

After you have created and colored the hoodie, how will you further customize the drawing? You can put a distinctive spin on this picture by adding amusing color combinations, materials, and features like a logo.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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