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How to Draw A Heart – A Simple Guide

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To draw a heart is the simplest thing I know back since I was a child – sometimes simple things are the hardest to draw and back in school times I practice sketching many types of hearts!

However, I was unable to fill the gap between my drawing and a perfect heart sketch!

The heart is the symbol of love and we often draw them unintentionally on pages – while drawing them with intentions may cause some troubles in making out the best of it.

Step to Step Guide On How to Draw a Heart

A nice and fully-scored drawing of the heart contains two symmetrical sides with no variation in storks or thickness of pen or pencils. Don’t worry, even if this may sound tough at first but it is not, trust me!

Today, we will teach you very simply the same – gradually each one of you will understand the entire process. Know that every step has its importance so avoid jumping onto the other by skipping one.

Materials You Need To Draw a Cute Heart

  • A Charcoal Pencil
  • A Black Marker
  • White Pencil/ Pen
  • Q-Tip and
  • A Drawing Sheet

STEP – 1

For the first step on how to draw a heart, take a charcoal pencil and a drawing sheet.

Draw a stork for the right side of the heart in a way just like the arc!

STEP – 2

Elongate that arc towards down and keep the hand on the sheet, carefully completing the shape of a basic heart.

From the left part of the heart shade the inner arc with a black charcoal pencil just as shown in the picture.

STEP – 3

Take the white pencil color and bring the blending inside the right arc of the heart – this makes an illusion of a deeper sketch!

STEP – 4

Fill the entire heart with black and white charcoal or pencil pens carefully to bring out the realistic composition in the art.

Do not overdo the step otherwise, the heart can be looked messy and ungraceful.

STEP – 5

Take the sharp-tipped black marker.

Now, simply outline the heart again with that smooth marker.

STEP – 6

Take the Q-tip and blend the shade of charcoal pencil from the right side.

Carefully perform this step, we do not want to ruin the shading.

STEP – 7

To add a detailed touch, keep on blending the colors of white and black shades inside the boundary of your drawing.

You can erase any extra smudge if needed with the simple eraser.

STEP – 8

Take the White marker or white Pen.

Draw the glossy finish with it that depicts the reflection of light – making the heart looks like a shiny object!

Final Heart Drawing 

How to Draw A Heart – Step By Step Video Tutorial

The Bottom Line

Once you are done with all the steps, you can fix the mistakes if any as per your wish. I hope, to make the heart now easier than ever.

Now, if someone asks you how to draw a heart – I am sure you are even ready to show them the steps perfectly! Let’s teach and make the world a more creative place!


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