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How to Draw Step-by-Step A Heart and 10+ Heart Drawing Ideas

The symbol of heart is recognized all over the world as a sign of love and compassion.

According to the belief of the ancient Egyptians, the heart was the center and the only medium of human emotion, and that prevails to this day as people interchange their hearts to show love and compassion for one another. Even though we all acknowledge the heart shape, when it comes to creating one, it can be more difficult than it might look!

If you’re yearning to learn how to draw a heart by yourself, then this is the perfect step-by-step guide on how to draw a heart for you, summed up in 10 easy steps and each step is supported by illustrations so that it becomes easy for you to comprehend.

We curated this step-by-step guide on how to draw a heart in easy steps to make drawing a heart easier than ever for every artist!

How to Draw A Heart – Let’s get Started!

Step 1 — Begin drawing a triangle

In the first step of our guide on how to draw a heart, we will be drawing a shape that will ease you to structure your heart.

For the further couple of steps, we will be using a light stroke of pencil, as these elements won’t be there in the final look of the drawing. To initiate with, simply draw in a large upside-down triangle.

Drawing a perfect triangle shape can be tricky when done freehand, so you may need to use a drawing tool such as a ruler for this part.

A ruler or scale is a tool that makes drawing such shapes much easier, and it will be very useful for the further couple of shapes!

Step 2 — Intersect the triangle from the middle  

Here in the second step of this guide you don’t need to do much. Just intersect the triangle we just drew in the previous step. After intersecting the triangle from its below vertex, extend it to some length that must be equal to the length of half base of the triangle, in the opposite direction of the below vertex. 

Step 3 — Draw some guiding lines

For this step, we need a few more pencil shapes to draw in. This is a step where a drawing compass would really come in handy!

We will be drawing in two circles whose outer edges will be against the edge of the triangle’s each side vertex and that will overlap in the center.

Getting the arrangement of the circles right can get a bit tough, so don’t get upset if it takes you a few tries!

With the help of the circles drawn within the triangle, we are ready to begin the proper outlines of your heart drawing.

Step 4 — Next, we will draw in the first proper curves


 Now, this step is most crucial as it will Only structure the heart in a perfect way. Here, we will draw curves by joining the vertices of the triangle of each side to the below vertex. Both the curves should be drawn in such a manner that it will go along the outer edge of the circle. 

We have drawn Circles as helping shapes that are made only for these curves to be drawn just in a proper manner. 

Using a darker pencil or pen, you can draw over the outline of the guiding circles from the previous step.

This will form the lower part of the heart.

Once you’ve drawn in those curves, you can erase the triangle, extended line and circles that are not required now. 

If you use an ink pen, make sure that the pen ink is dry before you start erasing!

Step 5 – Now, you can add in the final details

You have almost completed your heart drawing now, and in the fifth step of this guide on how to draw a heart we will be drawing in the upper portion of the heart.

Following on from the circles you drew earlier, you can draw in some slightly curved lines that meet at the middle point of the two guide circles you drew earlier.

With those details drawn, your heart outline is all set to go! The last thing to do before moving forward to the next step is to erase the unwanted pencil lines.

Step 6 — Draw in the ribbon strap

 Now as we have completed our outline of the heart shape, we will add a ribbon strap being folded to it to enhance its look. For this, you need to draw two lines parallel to each other sliding through the edge of the heart. 

This will create a ribbon strap tied around the heart.

Step 7 — Draw the guiding lines over the ribbon

Drawing the ribbon portion could be a little tricky so to make it handy, draw two guiding circular shapes and a tiny circle in between that will be the knot of the ribbon.

Make sure to draw these guiding shapes with light strokes of pencil so that you can easily erase them.

Step 8 — Now, draw laces of the ribbon

Moving further, we need to draw the dangling laces of the ribbon. For this, you only need to draw two lines in a couple and connect them from the base. 

Remember to not make these lines purely straight, these should be curved and slanting.

Refer to the guiding image for more clarity.

Step 9 — Complete the ribbon drawing

With the help of the circles that we have drawn in the previous step, draw a bow just like as shown in the visual guide.

Step 10 — Finish off your drawing by filling colors in it

This is the most interesting part of any drawing tutorial or guide as it fully depends on your preferences and choice.

You can take help by referring to the image if you are struggling with the thought of what color to choose and how to color in.

10+ Heart Drawing Ideas in 2023

1. Multi-layer Heart Drawing

2. Simple heart drawing

3. Bold heat drawing

4. Heart with design drawing

5. Heart in leaf design drawing

6. Two love heart drawing

7. Beautiful heart drawing


8. Cute heart drawing

9. Lover heart drawing

10. Easy Heart Drawing

Conclusion —

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step heart drawing guide. 

Check out our website Viralpainting for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity!

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