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How To Draw A Gummy Bear | Step By Step Guide On Gummy Bear

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How To Draw A Gummy Bear

Everyone has their own hobbies based on their interest. Hobbies can be anything like singing, reading books, do adventurous activities, painting,sketching and so on.

Drawing is also a hobby which is kind similar to painting but consist of lots of variation.

In painting you need canvas, canvas stand, painting colours and lots of brushes. At the same time in drawing you need a pencil, marker, eraser and some colours to fill out your drawing.

In today’s blog we are going to learn how you can draw small things on a paper which you see visually locally. Try to grab a few things first which are as follow:-

A pencil

A sharpener

An eraser

Some colors(your own choice)

Step 1:-

This sketching is going to be fun abnd intresting as bear is the most lovable even comes in various forms like plush, toys, accessories, gummy and so on. In the first step, draw a bean like shape on the paper with the use of pointed marker.

Step 2:-

Then draw a small oval shape inside the bean shape that touches the above line. Then draw curvy line at the below of the bean shape. After that make two small circle above the bean shape but at the ‘V’ shape angle.

Step 3:-

Now at this stage, fill out the eyes of the gummy bear with black color by drawing two white circles one is big and other one is small. Also draw some line at the bottom of both the eyes. After this draw one curvy horizontal line and two curvy vertical lines to draw a face of the gummy bear. Just remember leave some space between the ends of horizontal and vertical lines.

Step 4-

In this step, draw cute small ears on both left and right side that touches the end of vertical and horizontal line. Then continue the vertical line with a curve outside then comes inside. Repeat the same thing with right side vertical line.

Step 5:-

At this step, again draw a small curvy line and make that line in a big number fat ‘6’. Then draw the same design on the right side of the gummy bear.

Step 6:-

At this last step, join the big fat number ‘6’ with a small curvy line to complete the drawing of the gummy bear. Now take out some colors and start fill out a cute drawing. Use pink sketch to color the whole gummy bear. After that use white to color some area in a circluar way on hands and feets of the gummy bear.

Also make ears of bear little white and some white color near the left eye and right forehead area of the bear. Then take blue sketch to color the bottom area of the bear’s eye.

Also make a sweet small heart below the right arm and above the right feet of the gummy bear.


After the use of pencil, and some colors our lovely gummy bear is finished beautifully. We hope you enjoy our blogs and we keep on going to make these kinds of blog for you. 

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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