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How To Draw A Guitar | Step by Step Guitar Drawing

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How To Draw A Guitar

Who all love guitars? I think many people prefer either playing the guitar or listening to someone playing it. It is a stringed musical instrument that you can play by plucking or strumming the strings with your fingers.

It features a fretted fingerboard, incurved sides, and a different number of strings. There are two primary types of guitars: acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

You can classify these types into more subcategories. In this tutorial, we will be drawing a simple guitar. For this, all you will need is a pencil and some paper.

Here we curate easy steps on how to draw a guitar!

Step- 1 Start by drawing a vertical line in the middle of the paper.

Step- 2 Draw another line parallel to the line we have drawn in the previous step.

After making a rectangle, draw an outline for the headstock as shown. It is the topmost part of the guitar where the pegs are located.

Step- 3 With two lines drawn slightly inclined, draw a “U” shaped curve to match both the lines. You can even create reference lines to ensure the middle position of the guitar.

Step- 4 Here we will draw the strings of the guitar. Draw three vertical lines starting from the headstocks and extending all the way down.

Step- 5

Next, add the tuning pegs. Draw three short slanting lines. Above that, create small circles on each. There should be a slight gap between the pegs and the headstock.

Step- 6 Draw a horizontal line and two vertical lines on the left and right sides, respectively. From below, draw a curve joining both the vertical lines. It represents a soundhole.

Remember, there should be a gap between the strings and the soundhole as pointed by the arrow.

Step- 7  Now it’s time to draw a tuning peg. Draw two tuning pegs where we left a gap in the previous step. You can refer to the image if you have any confusion. We have simplified every step to make it easy for you how to draw a guitar.

Then draw the outline of the guitar. Draw its body starting from the neck down the soundhole. Just look at the picture and keep a slight difference between their curves. The left curve is bigger than the right one.

Step- 8 After that, draw other details like frets and tuning pegs. Make three small circles inside the teardrop shape.

At last, make a curvy line from behind to represent its wire.

Step- 9 Last but not least, it’s time to color! You can use red, yellow, and grey shades, and feel free to shade the way you like.

You can experiment with different shading and patterns. Or else use a shade of white on the left side to give it a gleaming look. Yeah! Your guitar is ready.

How To Draw A Guitar Step by Step Drawing Video

The Bottom Line:

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to draw a guitar. You can customize its attributes and play with the different colors you like. Customize your artwork and make it unique.

There you go. Use your artistic skills and have fun!

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