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How To Draw A Goose: Easy And Simple 6 Steps To Draw A Goose

How To Draw A Goose

Geese are among the most quirky and entertaining birds to observe. These ducks are perpetually mischievous and often hostile to anyone that enters their way.

Despite their raucous temperament, geese are quite attractive birds, so many people wish to learn how to draw them for artistic purposes.

If you are one of these individuals, you have found the appropriate guide! Our six-step lesson on drawing a goose will teach you how to reproduce one of these tough birds.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Goose

Step 1:

In this first phase of our lesson on how to draw a goose, we will begin by drawing the bird’s head and back. Initially, you can use rounded lines to build the goose’s beak.

It will be divided into two distinct sections, with the upper section being bigger than the bottom section.

Then, attach another circular line to the beak to represent the goose’s head. This line will subsequently grow farther downward to produce the goose’s long neck and the beginning of its back.

Once you have copied the lines exactly as they appear in our reference image, you may go to step 2!

Step 2:

Now that the goose’s head has been completed, the goose’s neck may be completed. Draw another curving line down from the beak to represent the base of the neck.

This line will parallel the other line you created for the neck. The underside of the goose’s neck will then expand into a fatty abdomen. It concludes this stage, and you may go to the next.

Step 3:

In this third phase of our lesson on how to draw a goose, you will add face details and additional body to the geese.

First, stretch the line for the goose’s belly downward and inward a bit for its bottom. This line will then descend quickly to represent the goose’s legs.

After drawing these legs, you may complete the tail and the line descending from the tail.

We will conclude this phase by completing the face. Draw a tiny black circle with a line beneath it to represent the eye.

Then, draw another curving line where the neck begins at the bottom of the face for the goose’s cheek. You may then complete the beak by adding another dot for the goose’s nostril.

Step 4:

Already, your goose painting is looking fantastic! We will hone in on a few elements for the goose during this fourth phase. First, complete the legs by adding the remaining leg outlines.

Complete the shape where a gap was left at the legs, and then draw the tip of the wing near the body’s peak.

Now that these lines are complete, there are just a few more touches to add before you can begin coloring your fantastic goose image.

Step 5:

 In this fifth section of our lesson on how to draw a goose, we will focus on completing the details before coloring the drawing.

The primary objective of this stage is to complete the wing you began previously. To create the feathers on the wing, we will link many sharp lines with one another.

Then there are just a few tiny things to add, and you’re nearly finished! Before proceeding to the last stage, you may also add your details.

These modifications might be modest, such as adding additional feathers, or substantial, such as sketching a second goose for this one to hang out with.

These are but a few suggestions; what more can you think of to complete this image?

Step 6:

You have completed your design of a goose, and now you may finish it with some beautiful colors.

In our reference image, we utilized shades of light grey and yellow. We picked these colors, but you may use whatever hues you like!

Once you’ve decided on the colors, it’s only a matter of deciding the creative materials you’ll employ to bring them to life.

You might use watercolors or colored pencils to give the image a nice, soft appearance. You might use acrylic paints or colored pens to add liveliness.

 Step By Step Goose Drawing Video Tutorial


This lesson on drawing a goose is complete after the finishing touches are added, and the image is filled with vibrant color.

There were very delicate, potentially challenging features to add to this image, so you should be quite proud of how successfully you completed this instruction!

Now that you have mastered the sketching, you may add your personal touches and accents.

Whether you add details, draw more geese, or build a fantastic backdrop, we are confident that you will produce a unique artwork!

You need not stop here, either! On our website, you can find a plethora of amazing guides.

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