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How To Draw A Fox Easy? Step By Step Guide On Fox Drawing

How To Draw A Fox Easy

In today’s world, with the help of social media learning becomes so easy. People can get knowldge about anything over internet.

Earlier when you want to learn something you need to find a person, a location, and price first then you can decide does it worth for you or not.

But the time has changes, as technology made everything easy to find, convienent and reasonable to learn.

Now with the advantage of blog, you can not only learn in steps but also can print out the instructions of drawing things for further use.

So give it a shot and try something new today to draw on a piece of paper. Let’s start by collecting some items such as:-

A pencil

An earser

Some crayon colors(your own choice)

So start following the given steps:-

Step 1:

First of all take a pointed marker and draw a ‘V’ shape on a paper.

Step 2:-

After step 1 draw a number ‘6’ on the left hand side of the ‘V’ shape. Join both the ends of the ‘V’ shape to form a cone shape or a face of the fox.

Step 3:-

In this step, draw a small curve linetowards upside from the left side of the fox’s face. Then continue that line in the downward direction towards inside of the cone and touch the end of the cone shape. Again repeat the same drawing of lines on the right side of the fox’s face.

Step 4:-

Now at this stage, draw two small curve lines with three lines at the end of each curvy line. In order to make eyes of the small cute fox. Now fill out a circle at the end of the cone shape to design a nose of the fox.

Step 5:-

In this step, draw two small lines on the right side of the fox’s face and other two small lines on the left side. Then draw a small ‘U’ shape at the end of the number ‘6’ drawn in step 2. also make two lines in this shape to give a look of fox’s feet.

Step 6:-

After this, draw a long line starting from the nose of the fox. Then draw a small curve joining towards the other foot with two small lines in the ‘U’ shape. After that draw a small straight line above the first drawn foot.

Before completing the drawing of the fox, draw a shape like a ‘S’ with a wavy line in the middle of the ‘S’ shapt to draw a tail of the fox. Now our drawing of little fox is complete.

Step 7:-

Now it’s time to make our drawing more intresting by adding some colors to it. Take out a orange sketch and color the ears of the fox one by one.

Step 8:-

In the last step, color the middle area of the fox face with orange color. Then color the whole body as well as the half area of the tail should be color with orange sketch.

Our cute little fox is complete and ready to add up in your folder.


Sketching different things are really enjoyable and fun for kids especially on their vacations. If people get bored in their daily routine drawing is the best leisure activity which doesn’t let them get bored.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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