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How to Draw A Fist In Simple 9 Steps!

The human hand is something with which we are all familiar. You presumably used one to access this manual and will likely use one to sketch in the near future.

You may assume that sketching hands would be simple given that they are always available to serve as drawing models.

However, any artist will tell you that is not the truth since they have caused great frustration among those who have attempted to depict them.

If you are one of these individuals, your problems will be resolved by the conclusion of this tutorial! This detailed lesson on drawing a fist will assist you with this challenging topic.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Fist

Step 1:

In this first part of our lesson on how to draw a fist, we will not yet begin to sketch the final picture.

Instead, we will design a form that will serve as a guide when we begin drawing the final hand.

Using the given reference image as a guide, draw the shape with care using a pencil. It is separated into two pieces, with the left section being significantly larger than the right.

After sketching these shapes with a pencil, we may proceed to step 2 of your first artwork.

Step 2:

Draw another shape attached to the previous one drawn in step 1

Step 3:

Draw the third shape as shown in the reference image.

Step 4:

We shall take the pencil guide you made in the previous phase of your fist drawing to add some fingers to your picture.

It is still advised to use a pencil for this stage, as you will be drawing lines over the fingers in subsequent phases.

Begin by drawing four curved, sausage-like forms within the shape you sketched on the left in the previous step.

Then, after drawing the fingers, create a curved rectangle to the right of the guiding form using a pencil. This will be useful for drawing the wrist in a subsequent phase.

Step 5:

Now, we start drawing the thumb of the fist, as shown in the reference image.

Step 6:

Using what you’ve created in earlier stages, put a downward-pointing thumb over the four fingers.

The thumb will then curl down toward the wrist. From the base of the four fingers to the base of the wrist, a second curving line will slope upwards.

We will depict the wrist using straight lines emanating from the hand. Now, you can begin to observe the formation of the fist!

Consult a pen or a darker pencil to trace over the lines carefully, and be sure to use the accompanying reference photographs to ensure that you are tracing the correct lines.

Step 7:

Now, its’ time to draw the nail of the thumb. Check the reference image and draw it carefully.

Step 8:

Connect the last finger of the fist and thumb with a curve line.

Step 9:

If you look at your hand right now, you will see that it has several lines, which only grow more obvious when you move it into various positions.

Begin by drawing two big, curving lines on the hand’s palm.

Then, draw some tiny lines to represent the finger knuckles. Remember to draw a fingernail on the thumb as well!

We’ve added these details to this image; however, feel free to add your own! As an example, you may draw a beautiful ring on one of the fingers or the sleeve of a garment. What entertaining details can you imagine for this image?


As noted in the introduction, drawing hands may strike dread into the hearts of many artists, but you have overcome this painting obstacle!

We hope that our step-by-step explanation of drawing a fist has demonstrated that even difficult topics may be simplified if approached methodically.

However, following this tutorial is only part of the fun; now, it’s up to you to utilize your imagination to make it your own!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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