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How to Draw a Fence | Step By Step Fence Drawing

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how to draw a fence

Although a fence can serve various vital purposes, a fence is often a basic construction. They may help keep cattle and wildlife safe and separate, make dwellings more secure, or act as a lovely ornamental element!

Regardless of their function, fences may be constructed in various ways, and it can be enjoyable to create your variant by learning how to sketch a fence. By the conclusion of this guide, you’ll be able to do so with ease!

Our simple, step-by-step lesson on drawing a fence will teach you how to create your fences while having fun.

Steps To Draw A Fence

Step 1:

Let’s start by drawing the first slat of the fence. For this, draw vertical lines; you can draw a long, pointy shape to make your slats realistic. Then, draw a triangle shape on these vertical lines.

Step 2:

Then draw the second slate of the fence by drawing two straight lines and then draw a triangle shape on these lines. Then start making the third slate with a black marker.

Step 3:

Draw the third slate of fence as we draw the first and second. Then start joining these three slates upper section with lines as shown in the image.

Step 4:

After that, join these three slates mid-section with lines. Check the image for reference.

Step 5:

Now that all the slats have been drawn, minor details remain. Then you are prepared to go on to the last stage. You might also add background elements or other amazing modifications that you believe will complement this image. We cannot wait to see what you produce!

Now that you have completed all of the design procedures for your fence, you can have some coloring time.

We used brown tones for the fence and a green hue for the grass in our image. Additionally, fences may be painted in various hues, so you have many options for color!

Remember to color in any extra background components, and have fun experimenting with various creative techniques! We are going with sky blue, orange, and pink colors in slates.

Step 6:

Now, it’s time to finish the drawing of the fence by adding some other decor stuff. Draw a dot with color markers in the slates. And on the bottom section of slates, draw three leaves, as shown in the figure. Color the joining lines with a green color.

Step By Step Fence Drawing Video


You’ve reached the conclusion of this tutorial on drawing a fence! We hope that following this drawing instruction was a pleasurable and straightforward experience for you, and you should be quite pleased with the fantastic drawing you’ve produced!

You may further develop this design by adding your features and background components. Perhaps you could illustrate the function of the fence or depict some birds perched on it.

There are several options available, so have fun and see what transpires! Then, you may find your subsequent drawing guide on our website! Shortly, we will be adding many more tutorials, so be sure to check frequently.

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