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How to Draw A Dream Catcher In Simple 9 Steps!

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How to Draw A Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are among the world’s most recognizable cultural items. Originating as a traditional Native American amulet used to fend off evil spirits and nightmares, they are now internationally renowned.

Learning to draw a dream catcher is a terrific method to build your own! You should read this entire article to begin creating your dream catcher designs.

This step-by-step instruction for creating a dream catcher will make drawing this significant relic a dream!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Dream Catcher

Step 1:

Take white paper and make patterns in green color, as shown in the reference image.

Step 2:

Then add yellow and sky blue color patterns with colored sketches on the sheet.

Step 3:

Then add some white droplets on the page as shown in the image to make it look realistic.

Step 4:

In this part of our lesson on how to create a dream catcher, we will begin with the outline frame.

To do this, we will create two circles with some modifications. Using a drawing compass and a pencil would be the most efficient method for completing this task.

Even if you want to use a pen for the final image, you may wish to use a pencil for the time being.

With this in mind, draw a circle and then a second circle within the first one that is extremely near to it. Then, create a tiny gap at the top, sides, and bottom of the circle with an eraser. Then, using your pen, trace over the remaining lines, and go to the following step.

Step 5:

In this phase of our guide on drawing a dream catcher, we will begin to draw the wired interior of the object, and this is where things can get tricky!

Begin by sketching a tiny circle near the dream catcher’s center. Then, you will draw several lines emanating from this central point. As you draw, you may want to resemble the reference image as we aim for a specific pattern.

Step 6:

You did a fantastic job beginning the inside pattern in the previous section of your dream catcher sketch, and now we will complete it.

Stretch these curved line patterns outward until they reach the dream catcher’s rim. As the reference image shows, we will add little circles to a few of the wire pattern’s junctions.

This section of your dream catcher design will focus on adding tiny elements as we construct the image. We will begin by filling the holes in the frame.

To do this, draw four little, round shapes into each space to resemble knotted string. Dream catchers usually always have little artifacts dangling from them, and you may add bead details by drawing lines with small circles on them.

Step 7:

Now that we have completed the interior of the dream catcher, you can begin working on the items that dangle from it.

Using the previously-drawn bead-hanging lines, we will add little things such as feathers and charms.

Alternately, you may include artifacts of your choosing, and we will add even more in the following phase of this lesson on creating a dream catcher.

Step 8:

In this phase of our lesson on how to design a dream catcher, we will add the last few features before adding color.

We added another little charm and additional flowers to our arrangement. Don’t forget that you might potentially alter or add to the artifacts!

Drawing a backdrop is another excellent method to add a personal touch to this design.

Step 9:

Add white glitter to the drawing to make it look realistic and pretty.


This instruction on designing a dream catcher has been successful since you have finished all the steps!

We hope that by following the instructions in this tutorial, you had an enjoyable and creative experience that was not tarnished by frustration. Remember that completing the guide is not always the end!

You may also build your variants by altering the design’s elements, adding accessories, or creating a backdrop. Experimenting with different colors and artistic mediums is another excellent method to add variety, so have fun creating!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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