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How To Draw A Desk? Step By Step Guide On Desk Drawing

How To Draw A Desk

How to draw a desk

Drawing sceneries, articles, shapes or designs is the oldest as well as the modern art. In old times people like to draw things with stones on walls. Later on people start doing drawing on a paper with the help of pencil, pen or a marker. These days market has a plenty of drawing supplies which you can use to draw beautiful drawing and sketching of different visual art.

Today in this blog, you will learn to how to draw a desk consist of various items on it. Shown all the things sits on the desk in a proper way is the best art of this blog.

Can’t wait to start the drawing of this beautiful concept? So lets’s begin to make this drawing.

Items to be considered to draw a desk:-

Use a marker or a pen

A paper

Some paint colors

Step 1:-

To begin the drawing of the desk, draw a two vertical line on left side one line is larger and one is smaller than other. Repeat the same drawing on the right side of the desk. To draw the top of the desk make horizontal two line one is smaller than the top one and joining at the end of both left and right lines. Now make another straight line that comes under the desk.]

Step 2:-

Now divide the line into three section to give it a look of three drawers under the table. Seperate the drawers with two small vertical lines and a circle in the middle of each drawer. On the desk, draw a study lamp with a base that sits on the top of the table.

Step 3:-

In this step, draw a bulb shown as it is switch on along with a switch on a base to turn it on or off. After that draw three books that are stacked on each other. Books should be in the middle of the desk. Then draw a pen holder that consist of 2-3 pencils or pens in it.

Step 4:-

At this stage the drawing of our desk is complete. Now we start to color it with various colors.

Take out the green color and paint the lamp with green and use yellow color to color the bulb of the lamp. After that color the top and both legs of the desk with orange color.

Step 5:-

To color the drawers of the desk take out the red paint to color it properly with a thin brush. Also color the handles of the drawer with black paint. Remember to leave the division part of each drawer as a white in color.

Step 6:-

To sum up the coloring and drawing of the desk, color the division part with orange paint. Also paint the pen holder and first and last book with blue color paint.

Then use brown paint to color the pencils and paint the pen as well as the middle book with pink color paint.

Finally our colorful desk is complete and your another drawn item is ready to save it in your document holder or a file.

Coloring and drawing are the most favourable activity not only by kids but also by young people. Just try this easy drawing and share your experience with us via comments.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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