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How To Draw a Demon? Step By Step Guide On Demon Drawing

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How To Draw a Demon

If you think you used to draw at school and now forget about drawing things, so don’t grow with this thinking. Even at this stage you can draw a lot more things even in better way instead of childhood. But yes childhood drawing memories has their special place in memories.

So let’s refresh your memories and begin drawing with some steps mentioned in our today’s blog.

Let’s grab some items first which are as follow:-

A pencil

A sharpener

Some colors(your own choice)

Step 1:-

To draw this kind of creature is very simple if fo through the steps. Firstly draw a large ‘U’ shape in the opposite direction. The end of the ‘U’ shape must be curvy towards outside direction.

Step 2:-

In this step, join the ‘U’ shape with a wavy line starting from the left side towards the right side of the shape. The body of our demon is ready.

Step 3:-

Now in this step, draw curvy lines begin from the end of the wavy line towards upside in the center of the demon body. Also draw a small curvy line near the right side of the demon’s body.

Step 4:-

After that draw one small horn on the left side and another same size horn on the right side of the demon. Now on the left hand side make a small wing of the demon.

Step 5:-

In this step, draw another wing of the demon on the right hand side. The above line of wing is curvy bend towards outside and continue that line towards downward. Then draw wavy line which has three pointed bend and fourth one complete the shape of wing.

Step 6:-

Now at this stage, draw two big eyes of the demon which is in black color. Demon’s eye has two small white circles in the eyes. Then draw a big long ‘U’ shape which completes by drawing a small wavy line.

Step 7:-

In this step, draw two small teeth inside the mouth of the demon. Also draw a tongue in the mouth that complete the sketch of demon’s mouth. After that, draw a long tail which has a arrow at the end. This tail should be draw behind the right wing of the demon.

Step 8:-

In this last step, sketching is finished now it’s time to color our cute demon. Take out black color and fill the wings using black sketch.

Also make the lines more darker or thick inside the wings. Then use red color to fill out the horns, mouth and tail of the demon while leaving the teeth.

After that use light pink color to draw small two circles below the eyes and use grey color to fill in the right side of the demon.

Now draw a big heart at the right of the picture. Also draw little hearts likely 4-5 near the tail but below the demon’s wing.


The drawing of demon seems quite simple when you follow proper steps given in the above blog.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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