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How To Draw A Crown: Easy And Simple 8 Steps To Draw A Crown

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A crown is the most recognizable symbol of monarchy and regality. Throughout history, they have been worn by several kings and queens and have come to symbolize immense riches and power.

Due to its connotations, crowns are typically opulent and elaborate, frequently adorned with gleaming gold and valuable gems to make them glitter and attract attention.

It is difficult not to think about what it would be like to wear your crown! If you’ve ever imagined what your crown may look like, this step-by-step instruction for drawing a crown will allow you to live out your regal fantasies!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Crown

Step 1:

Draw circles of different shapes to draw the rim of the crown, as shown in the reference image.

Step 2:

Then, we draw the complete shape of the crown. Draw vertical lines from the edges of circles, as shown in the reference picture.

After that, draw straight lines on the bottom of the crown to give it a proper shape and make it look realistic.

After that, start drawing heart shapes as shown in the reference image to make it look pretty.

Step 3:

Outline the whole shape of the crown with a dark black marker to make it look clear and realistic. Also, draw hearts of different shapes, as shown in the reference picture.

Step 4:

While it already looks beautiful and regal, it requires more color to come to life.

Crowns are not recognized for their subtlety, so feel free to choose your favorite bold colors for the crown!

I believe that using a bright yellow for the metal portions of the crown would look fantastic, and if you have any gold paints, that would be even better!

It is an image with which you might have great fun playing with various creative techniques.

I would use acrylic paints and colored pens to create this crown, but any media you use would add a unique touch.

If you have glitter or glitter pens, you might use these to add a dazzling final touch to the design.

Fill red and green colors on the rim of the crown we have drawn in step 1. Don’t forget to check the reference image.

Step 5:

Then, fill in yellow and pink colors in the heart shapes that we have drawn in the previous steps. By adding these colors to the drawing, the drawing looks cute.

Step 6:

Fill blue color on the main top section of the crown to make it look shinner and brighter.

Step 7:

Fill yellow color in the vertical lines as shown in the reference image.

Step 8:

Add multiple shades of colors to the circles in the bottom section of the crown. Don’t forget to check reference images.


Now that you have finished all of the stages, this instruction on designing a crown is complete! We designed this guide with the aim that you would have a nice time while learning how to draw a beautiful crown, and we hope you did!

It may have felt that drawing a fancy crown would be tough, but it can be easy and enjoyable to break it down into steps and go slowly! It is up to you to customize your beautiful crown drawing and make it unique!

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