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How To Draw A Coral Reef? Step by Step Guide On Coral Reef


Sealife is another beautiful ecosystem made by the nature. It has lots of living creatures that can be seen once you go underwater. The coral reef is an underwater ecosystem that is featured by reef-building corals.

When we see corals and sealife through social media nature makes us speechless with its creation. Our today’s blog is related to drawing sea life on paper. 

To draw a coral reef you need to gather the following things:-

A pencil

A sharpener

Some colors

Step 1:-

In the first step, draw two adjacent stones. One oval shape stone is larger than the other oval stone. Also, draw a small circle in the middle of these two stones. Then draw a wavy shape reef on the large stone as well as on the small stone. Make both reefs similar in height. 

Step 2:-

In this step, draw another three small circles of different shapes and sizes on the right-hand side of the first coral reef.

Then draw one large and small wavy line on a small stone. Also, draw another small wavy line on that large as well as small line. After that draw an enormous and tiny wavy line on the second stone.

Step 3:-

At this stage, complete the third stone drawing by making some wavy lines on it. Also, draw another few lines in the middle of the second and third stone.

Step 4:-

Now draw another different shape of coral of the sea life. Draw this coral reef in a leaf shape on the right side of the second coral reef. The third coral reef can be drawn with six different sizes of arms with a thick base.

Step 5:-

In this step, we are going to draw forth coral reefs with a unique design and shape. To draw this make a large uneven oval shape stone.

Then draw five arms in a star shape with small single heads at each arm. Design this coral below and between the first and second coral reef. 

Step 6:-

This is the last coral reef which we are going to draw between as well as below the second and third coral reef. This shape needs to draw as a unique design that is wavy and with three arms. Also, draw a small circle in the middle of this shape.

At this stage, take a pink and green crayon to color the first coral reef. Color the three stones with green crayons and use pink color to fill out the wavy shapes. 

Step 7:-

Now color the third coral reef with an orange crayon and then use a yellow color to fill out the fourth unique shape. 

Step 8:-

At this last step, color the second shape stones with blue crayons. Also, use the same color to fill in the wavy lines. Then color the last shape with skin color crayon by leaving the circle area in white color. 



Now your beautiful and colorful coral reef drawing is complete to see. You can draw many different shapes and designs of coral reefs. Also, use them when you draw sealife on a canvas.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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