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How To Draw A Computer? Step By Step Guide On Computer Drawing

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How To Draw A Computer

Drawing articles on a paper is actually an art that inspires you as well as others to go further in sketching. As a beginner firstly you need to go step-by-step to draw the things.

In this way, you will know the basic steps to sketch objects with a real effect. A real artist always do mistakes and learn from their mistakes in their daily routine.

So don’t worry if you make a mistake while learning new skills in the drawing. Today in this blog, you will learn to draw a new object with some steps in an easy manner.

So let’s begin to draw a computer by using the following supplies:-

Use a pointed black marker

A paper

Some colorful paint

Step 1:-

Firstly draw a rectangle shape on the middle of the paper using a pointed marker.

Step 2:-

In this step, to draw the screen of the computer make a small rectangle inside of the first rectangle.

Step 3:-

Next, from the corner of the rectangle on left hand side draw a line towards the outer side not similar as the above line.

Again draw another line which is also towards the outside on the right hand side of the above rectangle.

Then draw a third line to join the both left and right lines to make the keyboard of the computer.

After that, make a rectangle with some width of 3-4cm at the bottom of the computer.

Step 4:-

In the body of keyboard draw one more rectangle shape including vertical and horizontal lines inside of the rectangle.

Step 5:-

Now double the each line of the computer by leaving the rectangle design that is inside of the keyboard.

Then draw a heart shape with some thick line and a mouse attached to the computer with wire. The wire must be on right side of the computer.

Step 6:-

In this step, we are going to color the computer. You can choose color up to your choice. Green paint is used to color the border of the screen as well as the keyboard border area.

Step 7:-

Here we use blue paint to fill out the thickness of the computer. Leave the keyboard as it is white.

Step 8:-

In this last step, use yellow paint to color the screen of the computer. To color the heart drew on the screen, use red color paint. Then the dark pink paint is used to color the mouse of the computer.

Our colorful computer is finished up with some multicolor paint. You can also color your computer as per your choice. Computers are the man-made machine which provides solutions to many problems.

It comes with advance technology through which the whole world becomes small now. You can get information on any topic related to any country in the world.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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