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How to Draw a City | Step By Step City Drawing

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How to Draw a City

When you think about depicting any scene like a city, beach, mountain, and more it seems difficult to make on paper. Especially when you begin with paper or a pencil.

After reading this tutorial, it becomes easier for you to draw variant articles. Firstly sketching small objects gives you skills, to begin with, perfection and also helps you to upgrade yourself to draw large objects in the right manner.

The quote ‘practice makes the men perfect’ is the right quote for sketching. The more you practice the more perfection you will get day by day.

In this blog, we explained stepwise to draw a scene of a city that has different sizes of buildings on paper. So let’s begin with some steps.

Items to be considered to draw a skateboard:-

  • Take a pointed pencil
  • A paper
  • Some crayons colors

Step 1:-

In this step, draw a line on a paper. Create three buildings, not of the same shape, style, or size as each other. At the same time, draw one large building on the backside of a small building.

Step 2:-

Now, draw another building with some zig-zag design and a 3D look. This building must be longer than the other three already drawn buildings.

Step 3:-

Then draw some more buildings similar to the building in the second position but with some different designs. Draw out the last building which is longer than all the buildings to form a scene of the city.

Step 4:-

In this step, draw another building with some boxes designed at the beginning of the small buildings. Also, create another building at the fourth position which is smaller than the last building.

Step 5:-

Now drawing is complete it’s time to fill out some colors for the city. Fill in the building with sky blue color only at the borders of the building.

Step 6:-

Color the small building with green color and finish the second building with a magenta color. Again color the building in the fourth position with green color. Use brown color to fill in the large building which is at the fourth position.

Step 7:-

Now fill out the rest of the buildings using yellow, red, blue, and grey colors. The colorful city is ready to see.

How to Draw a City Step By Step Drawing Video Tutorial


Designing a city on paper is always incomplete without colors. So at the end of this drawing, we use some different colors. You can also choose colors of your own choice whichever you like. It is a small part of a scene. This drawing can be used while sketching a big scene including a city, beach, shops, and more. 

Some people learn drawing to improve their skills. At the same time, some people learn sketching as a part of their hobby. Sketching small objects with the guidance of tutorials helps people to get inspired with their drawing abilities. 

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