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How To Draw A Camera: Easy And Simple Guide

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how to draw camera

A camera is an optical device used to capture still and moving pictures. Using a camera lens, all the light rays bouncing in different directions may be redirected to a single point, allowing the camera to capture a picture or video.

It is, without a doubt, a highly intriguing device due to the camera’s incredible characteristics and the science behind them.

Since a camera is equally intriguing to draw, there is a huge demand for free guides on drawing a camera.

To suit the needs of our readers, we’ve produced a step-by-step tutorial on how to design a camera, with 8 simple steps and images.

This course is entertaining since you have unlimited flexibility to create your drawing, allowing you to enhance your creative talents. Use your ideas and imagination to design a unique camera!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Camera

Step 1:

Start by drawing a rounded rectangle with curved edges in the center of your page. It constitutes the outline of the camera’s body.

As the form of a camera consists mostly of straight lines, a ruler may be required while sketching one.

Ensure that the camera will be drawn in the middle by drawing intersecting horizontal and vertical lines across your page as reference lines.

These lines act as a guide to help you place your drawing accurately.

Step 2:

Inside the center of the rectangle, we constructed in the previous step, draw a perfect circle. It makes the lens of the camera.

Don’t worry if you can’t draw a perfect circle by hand! A compass, which is a tool that aids in drawing circles flawlessly and effortlessly, is always available.

Inside the circle that we previously made, draw a smaller circle. The figure shows that there should be a small space between the two circular forms. After completing this step, the camera lens should be complete.

Step 3:

Draw a horizontal line across the upper and lower halves of the camera’s body. It enhances the aesthetic design of the camera. As seen in the figure, we kept the camera’s design quite straightforward.

Step 4:

Draw a little rectangle on the upper right portion of the camera’s body. After finishing this step, the camera’s key components should be complete.

Now that we’ve successfully created a camera, it’s time for the most enjoyable step: coloring!

Although cameras are generally black, this optical instrument is available in various hues. You can use the camera’s default color scheme or select a custom palette.

You can even combine many colors to create a multicolored camera; that would be fun! Have fun experimenting with hues! Remember that the sky is the limit for your creativity. Start filling yellow color on the top of the camera’s body.

Step 5:

Also, fill yellow color on the bottom of the camera’s body.

Step 6:

Add rainbow colors or mixed color layers to the camera to make it look realistic and pretty.

Step 7:

Also, fill mixed colors on the right side of the camera’s body and fill dark oink color in a big circle.

Step 8:

Complete your drawing of the camera by filling purple color in a small circle.

How to Draw A Camera Step By Step Drawing


Hopefully, you had a fun time sketching a camera. Next time, once you’ve learned how to draw a camera, why not draw a person with a camera in their hand snapping a photo?

We update brand-new drawing instructions regularly, so be sure to come back frequently to continue learning how to draw such intriguing items.

What would you like to depict subsequently? We’ll try our best to develop a drawing lesson for it if you let us know.

As soon as you have completed designing and coloring a camera, click a photograph of your creation!

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