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How To Draw A Boat? Step By Step Boat Drawuing

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how to draw boat

 Learn how to draw a boat for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial with the help of pictures given with each step. We make it easiest for you to draw.

Boats have fulfilled many purposes since very ancient times. In this guide on how to draw a boat, we will learn how to draw a boat easily and effortlessly. The boat is the easiest thing we all use to make boats of paper and run them on water.

Guide on how to draw a boat drawing

Read below the top 9 Simple Steps on how to draw a boat.

Step 1. Draw two big 3-shaped structures.

Step 2. connect them with three lines parallel to each other.

Step 3. Make one flag over the structure that we have made in the previous step.

Step 4.  Draw two connected lines below the previous shape and then draw a big curved line.

Step 5. Draw two curved lines each on both sides of that curved line. 

Step 6. Now make another curved line parallel to the one we have drawn before.

Step 7.  Make a zig-zag line that shows floating water.

Step 8. Draw some birds on the upper part.

Step 9. Colour the boat with several colours.

Flag with red colour, then sail with yellow and pink colour, then Orange and lastly blue colour.

The bottom line

We hope that this tutorial helped to show you that when you learn what to do it can be easy and a pleasure to learn how to draw it.

Drawing a boat is just part of the fun, as now you can agree on how you’re going to make this boat. There are so many colours and art tools that you could use to make your sketch more vibrant.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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