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How To Draw a Bear? Simple And Easy Drawing

how to draw bear by viral painting

Do you want to learn how to draw a gun like a pro? This super simple drawing will indicate to you how to draw a gun very quickly and easily.

So, fewer words and extra actions. Prepare your favourite art and let’s dip into the amazing world of drawing!

We’ll show you how to draw guns in just 11 easy steps on how to draw leaves step by step.

Guide on how to draw a bear

Read below the top 10 Simple Steps on how to draw a bear.

Step 1.  Draw no. 6 in a small size

Step 2. Now draw a 6-shape structure in a long size connected to the small one.

Step 3. Now draw the same small size 6 on the right side.

Step 4.  Draw a big 6-shaped structure connected to a smaller one. and Now connect the oval-sized line from the bottom,

Step 5.Make a half circle on the top of the page

Step 6.  Draw more than half one and make an oval shape, For the face and also draw the ear of the bear.

Step 7.  Draw two eyes by making two small circles

Step 8. Draw the mouth by making a half circle under the face.

Step 9. Draw a heart-shaped structure connected from hands.

Step 10,Complete the heart.

The bottom line

All 11 steps are very easy to work with. how to draw a bear is not that tough that much it seems 

This guide directs the beginner to start his work in art. We always attempt to make art and drawing more fun by giving natural & simple tricks.  

Do follow us for fascinating art and incredible content.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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