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How To Draw A Beach: Easy And Simple Step-By-Step Guide

how to draw beach

Beaches are rocky or sandy places found where oceans or seas meet the land. Depending on the nature of the material, most beaches have either white or golden sand. Nevertheless, some beaches include sand in a range of various hues.

Beaches are frequently associated with summers and family holidays. Lifeguards, showers, change tents, restaurants, piers, docks, and resort hotels are common beach amenities.

Additionally, there are so-called “wild beaches” that lack artificial buildings. These beaches are secluded or protected to maintain their natural beauty.

Would you want to create a beach scene? This detailed, step-by-step beach sketching lesson makes it easier than ever to design a beach scene.

A full image and explanatory text accompany each stage of this sketching manual. Pay close attention to the blue-highlighted lines since these represent the addition of additional lines to your drawing.

A pencil and a sheet of paper are all you’ll need to finish your beach artwork. In addition, you should use an eraser to delete any extraneous lines as you proceed. You can shade your completed drawing using crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints if you have access to them.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Beach

Step 1:

Let’s start by taking a white paper and fixing doctor tape in the middle of the paper. Then take a fork and fill it with sky blue color.

Step 2:

Paint the sky blue color above the doctor’s tape with the help of a fork.

Step 3:

Now, take a painting brush and start making clouds with color on the blue painted area.

Step 4:

After drawing beautiful clouds on your beach, fill the sky blue color on the bottom section of the paper where you fix doctor’s tape.

Step 5:

After that, add brow shade color in the bottom section to give it a realistic look of sand. Then, make a wavy wave with the help of a brush on the brown-colored area to make it look beautiful. Check the picture for reference.

Step 6:

The next step is to add palm trees to your drawing. We will begin to include some magnificent palm palms, a typical element of any beach scene.

First, sketch some curved lines for the palm tree’s trunk. This will begin on the left side of the image and be bent to indicate that the end of the tree is causing it to bend due to its weight.


Step 7:

Finally, show the enormous leaves at the end of the stem with additional curving lines that finish with sharp ends and fill them with green color to make them look real.

Step 8:

This tutorial step is time to complete the last touches and details. Take stencils to draw human beings on the beach. Place the stencil where you want to draw, then follow the same pattern present on the stencil.

Step 9:

Now it’s time to add color to that wonderful beach drawing you’ve labored so hard on! In our reference image, we displayed a palette of potential color choices.

We used an abundance of beautiful, vibrant colors to give it a tropical atmosphere. You might choose from a variety of color options, though!

Depending on the colors desired, you might experiment with other painting media when coloring.

Take a clean brush and add colors according to your choice. We are going with white, yellow, and brown colors to mix and match the people with beach colors.

Step: 10

Final Drawing Of Beach

Step By Step Beach Drawing Video


We hope this lesson on how to sketch a beach was as enjoyable and restful as a trip to the beach itself!

By dividing it into smaller parts, we aimed to demonstrate that generating this image can be a fun and simple process. Therefore we hope that it was of great assistance.

Now is your chance to show us what you’re capable of as you design your ideal beach environment.

You might add pieces to the scenario or demonstrate the beach items you would bring as inspiration.

Please remember to check our website for access to several other drawing instructions. Be sure to come back frequently, as more will be added shortly!

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