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How To Draw a Basketball Hoop?

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How To Draw a Basketball Hoop

Do you ever think to draw various things in a professional manner even when you are at learning stage? Yes you can, when you follow the proper instructions mentioned in our blog.

You can start drawing object today until you reach the artists level one day. A lot of things you will learn at your beginner level.

Today we write our blog to learn how to draw a basketball hoop is an uncomplicated steps. You need to grab some items like:-

A marker

A sketch

Some painting colors(can be your own choice)

So follow up the given steps to complete this beautiful art:-

Step 1:-

In this first step, draw a big circle with the use of pointed marker. Then draw a curvy line horizontally little bit up from the middle of the circle.

Step 2:-

Now, draw vertical line in the middle of the big circle that cuts the horizontal line. After that on left side of the big circle draw a curvy line that also cuts the center line.

On right hand side draw a big curvy line which slit the horixontal line. Now the big circle is divided into many sections which looks like a basketball.

Then make a basketball hoop by draw a large semicircle and straight lines on both left and right side. Also continue the curvy line from the end of left vertical line.

Then draw another curvy line from the basketball. Now structure the whole drawing of basketball hoop doubled by draw another line around it.

Step 3:-

After that draw a long thin irregular rectangle between the inner horizontal line. Then draw a mesh like a basket shape below that rectangle shape. Also draw some vertical and horizontal curvy lines to give it a design of mesh.

Step 4:-

At this stage, outline the whole sketching including each and every line to give it a bold look. Then draw a large sqaure shape above the thin rectangle shape. Also draw a small rectangle in the middle and above the rectangle shape.

Step 5:-

Now it’s time to make our sketching more fasinating by coloring it with different colors. Use a orange paint and brush to color the basketball.

Step 6:-

In this step, finish up the coloring of the basketball. Keep in mind don’t color the black line of the ball. If the black line covers again use black sketch to make the lines more darker or bold.

Step 7:-

To color the outside area of the basketball hoop use light yellow color to fill out the shape. Use thin brush and paint carefully so that your black lines doesn’t cover with other colors.

Step 8:-

Now take out the green paint and color the inside area of the basketball hoop by leaving the square shape inside this area.

Step 9:-

In this last step use sky blue color to paint the inside area of the basketball hoop. Then use the red color to paint the thin rectangle and above shape inside the sqaure shape.

Here we can use orange sparkle to give more shiny look to our basketball. Apply some glue on the orange painted area then sprinkle some sparkle onto it so that sparkle can fix over it.



When you are learning some basics of drawing each day, you come up with your own ideas and suggestions. You want to try something new each day and feel good about you. So don’t let your days go by without drawing various pieces of art.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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