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How To Draw A Banana: Simple And Easy Step by Step Drawing

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The banana is one of the world’s most recognized fruits. Some people adore them, while others despise them, but regardless of which it is, almost everyone has seen or tried one at some point.

Bananas have been a popular topic for drawings and paintings, particularly still-life pieces.

You would imagine that bananas are simple to draw based on their appearance, but it might be more difficult than you’d think to get them to look accurate.

The good news is that this 9-step tutorial on drawing a banana will demonstrate how simple it is once your know-how!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Banana

Step 1:

Bananas have a fairly distinctive shape; therefore, it should be no surprise that this is the first step in learning to draw a banana. Draw a small oval shape as shown in the reference image to make it look realistic.

Step 2:

We will keep our banana ready to eat and keep its rind open. Draw its top side rind with an irregular shape, as shown in the reference picture.

Step 3:

Also, draw another side by making an irregular shape to make it look realistic.

Step 4:

This side of the banana will have a curvature slightly sharper than the preceding side. Also, leave a tiny space between the ends of the two lines, as we’ll be drawing some components there momentarily. Draw the bottom section of the banana as shown in the reference image to make it look realistic.

Step 5:

This section of our instruction on drawing a banana is basic and straightforward. Draw a thin, curved line across the second area we left before completing this step.

This will construct the base of the banana and prepare you for the finishing touches. Before proceeding to the next phase, we will complete it with a few final elements.

For the example’s finishing touches, we employed two thin lines running down the center of the banana. This will assist in enhancing the texture of your banana.

Before moving to the next stage of the instruction, you may add any more details or aspects that you like!

This is the phase when you may truly express your creativity. You may keep the additional details minor, or you could make them larger and more ambitious.

You might draw a monkey in the backdrop attentively observing the banana, or you could illustrate a cluster of bananas from which this one was taken! You could even make a traditional still-life scene by sketching apples, grapes, oranges sitting in a bowl with this banana.

These are but a few examples, but the possibilities are limitless! How would you personalize your painting of a banana?

Step 6:

Draw eyes and a smiling face with a black marker to make it look cute and charming. Add blush with the help of a pink marker to make it look realistic. Don’t forget to check the reference image.

Step 7:

The section of this tutorial on how to draw a banana is about letting loose and coloring your picture using your favorite colors and art supplies!

Bananas, as we all know, don’t exactly have a kaleidoscope of colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

Even if you adhere to the typical color scheme of bananas, there are methods to modify them.

To make the banana appear either ripe or aged, one may use paints to add greens and browns to the golden hue. If you sketched any items for the backdrop, you might also color them in to expand the color pallet.

Realistic depictions are only one of your options, as you could instead build a highly colored, stylized banana!

Once you’ve chosen your colors, will you choose a strong media, such as acrylic paints or colored markers, or a more subtle one, such as watercolors?

Whatever you decide will look fantastic, and we cannot wait to see it! Add a light yellow color to the above section of the banana.

Step 8:

Fill dark yellow color in the bottom section of the banana.

Step 9:

Complete your drawing by filling yellow color in the whole drawing of a banana.



You have completed our step-by-step lesson on drawing a banana, which is a cause for celebration! Getting a banana into the ideal shape can be more difficult than it appears, but we hope this article has shown you that it can be simple and enjoyable.

Now that you know how to draw a fantastic-looking banana, it is up to you to give it your unique spin!

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