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How to Clean Paint Rollers?

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How to Clean Paint Rollers.

Cleaning paint rollers will allow you to reuse these useful and valuable tools instead of throwing them away which is good for the environment as well as your wallet. Cleaning methods will differ depending on whether you use water-based or oil-based paint in your painting.

Removing water-based paint from the rollers is easy as long as you clean them immediately after use. Plunge the roller cover into the bucket which is full of clean warm water. Work them using the bucket and most of the paint build-up will be taken off easily.

If you are using oil-based paints you will need to use mineral turpentine to clean the roller which is also recognized as Turps.

Moreover, The next is to run your roller across a couple of sheets of newspaper to get rid of any further paint. Next using a Rota Cota Roller Cleaner pop your roller into the roller sleeve which fits straight in the clips into the place.

Once you have done that you will need to grab a hose and connect it to the other end and place it over a bucket, once you turn on the tap you want the water to gently flow through into a bucket until the water coming out of the end is running clear.

After turning off the tap and disconnecting the hose you need to leave the bucket of water for a while, perhaps overnight until the sediment settles. In this way, you will be able to pour out the excess water which will be sitting at the top allowing you to scrape out the remaining sediments onto a couple of sheets.

Now at this stage, the roller is clean, the next step is to dry it by removing the roller from its handle and placing the roller onto the roller dryer which is a system used to quickly rotate the roller by moving the handle up and down creating a spinning motion.

Place the roller in a well-ventilated area to dry and let it hand freely to prevent indenting the brush it dries. Store the roller after it has dried completely.

Some useful points can be taken into account for cleaning up rollers:-

1. Always keep your water-based and oil-based rollers separate

2. Clean after every use, carelessness to clean will cause the paint to harden and make it difficult to reuse.

3.  Always wear old clothing when painting and cleaning brushes.

4. Always hang your brushes when you put them to dry.


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